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   Chapter 1482 A Strange Woman

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Sheryl peeked at her watch to check the time. It was indeed lunch time. She turned to her assistant Phoebe. "I'm not going with you. Go and have lunch now. Pack some food for me, please."

"Ms. Xia, I don't think that's a good idea. You have been working the entire morning but haven't even stopped to drink water at least. If you don't eat a good lunch now, I'm afraid your stomach will suffer." Phoebe expressed her concern.

'Stomach? Right. Isla already suffered from a stomach illness because she neglected her meals,' Sheryl thought.

Sheryl didn't want to end up like her. With this in mind, she smiled at Phoebe and said, "Fine. Let's go down and have lunch together." Sheryl quickly cleared up the documents on the desk and walked towards the elevator with Phoebe.

Their office building was located in central downtown. Therefore, it was always bustling and populous during lunch time. There were many skyscrapers as well as many restaurants and shopping malls.

Soon they arrived at the first floor. Phoebe was very familiar with the surrounding environment and was able to lead her through crowds until they arrived at a fancy western restaurant.

"Do you often eat here?" Even though Sheryl owned a company in this area, she rarely ate nearby. Phoebe, on the other hand, seemed to be very familiar with it so she couldn't help but ask.

Phoebe smiled, "Yes, Ms. Xia. You know what, their food is so impressive, that diners usually don't care if they have to queue a long line. But don't worry, I have already made a reservation earlier. Our seats are over there. Come with me."

Sheryl grinned, thinking that Phoebe was so reliable, not only at work, but also in her daily life. She felt lucky to have hired her. But now that she thought about it, how was Phoebe even sure that she would convince Sheryl to come share a meal?

Phoebe seemed to have noticed Sheryl in deep thought, so she said, "Ms. Xia, I hope you don't mind. I have made reservations earlier because..." Phoebe stopped, unsure of whether she should tell Sheryl the truth or not.

Sheryl became very curious, seeing Phoebe's perplexed expr

ast several glances at her in the mirror. However, coincidently, the woman was also checking her out. Their eyes met.

'Oh God! She has such a pointed chin! Her face is also very small.'

Sheryl's face was already delicate and smaller than those of the ordinary women. But this woman's face was nearly half of the size of hers.

It was what the girls were trying to achieve now. Had she had plastic surgery?

There were a lot of questions on Sheryl's head. However, when she looked at the woman's chin again, her gaze was frozen.

Wait! Her chin looked…

Something occurred to Sheryl. But when she was about to take a closer look at the woman, she turned around and proceeded to the door.

"Excuse me," Sheryl blurted out before she could think more.

The woman paused as she held onto the doorknob, but she didn't look back.

Sheryl felt even more suspicious, because anyone who was called abruptly would've turned around to check what was happening.

This woman was clearly acting weird. Did she know Sheryl so she was trying so hard to hide her face?

Sheryl was eager to know who this woman was.

"Who are you?" Sheryl asked as she walked forward quietly and slowly, trying to look at the woman's face. "Have we met before?"

However, the woman seemed to know what she intended to do. When Sheryl came close enough, a sneer crept over her face. She suddenly opened the door and quickly left.

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