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   Chapter 1480 Nick's Explanation

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"Cassie, Nick told me what happened between you," Isla said. "There has been some misunderstanding. You've got it all wrong, Cassie. All you saw that night was set up by Jordan."

'Misunderstanding? Jordan?'

Cassie couldn't believe her ears. She turned toward Isla with a surprised look.

Cassie had been torn apart since that night. Even if her sanity led her to a disappointing conclusion, her heart always refused to believe what she witnessed. Cassie's eyes were flickering with hope at Isla's words, even though Isla wasn't yet to tell her the whole story.

"Let me tell you the whole story. Nick didn't know the woman. They were not even friends. That night, the woman just happened to spend the night in his house, but nothing else happened. No matter what you saw, it was simply not true." Isla paused and looked at Cassie. "And then on your way back from Nick's house, you met Jordan. Didn't you find anything strange about that? Why did he happen to be around Nick's house? So late at that night!" Sheryl reasoned.

Cassie gauged what Isla told her and reviewed the incidents that took place that night again in her mind. With the version of Isla's story, Cassie's mind got instantly cleared up. She felt a little guilty of herself, and blamed herself inwardly, 'I felt that something was not right. I shouldn't have been so suspicious. I was tricked by Jordan, but I had no idea. I didn't see through the situation and thought it was all Nick's fault…'

Seeing the confused expression on Cassie's face, Nick took a step forward to stand in front of her and looked into her eyes affectionately. He explained, "Isla and Sheryl are right. Cassie, I have nothing to do with the woman. I haven't done anything intimate with her. Jordan was the one behind everything and tried to separate you from me."

Cassie's heart was brimming with conflicting emotions at the moment. "Then you could have explained it to me earlier, shortly after that night. Why didn't you do it?" Cassie looked into Nick's eyes and questioned, trying in vain to feign sternness. Her eyes had become two pools of tears as she spoke, betraying all her endeavor to act strong.

"I wanted to, but you didn't leave me any choice back then!" Nick sighed, his eyes still full of affection. He was intended to chase after Cassie outside and explain his innocence to her. But he dreaded that Cassie might be too disappointed with him and refuse to listen to any reason he put forth. Besides, it would be rude for him to leave the woman alone without a reasonable excuse.

Cassie got emotional upon hearing Nick's explanation. She almost believed Nick. Tears rolled down her cheeks. But suddenly Cassie shook her head and shouted at Nick, "Liar! You are lying to me!"

Dumbfounded, Nick didn't know how to respond. He didn't anticipate Cassie would treat his words with disbelief.

Why would Cassie allege that Nick was lyi

heryl's biggest scare.

Suddenly, the sickroom was filled with laughter and giggles between the two of them that was so unlike a sickroom.

Outside, Cassie was heading to the office, and Nick was walking beside her.

In the middle of the hallway, a female colleague greeted Cassie and stopped her to talk. Nick quickly stopped and waited aside.

The colleague noticed Nick. With a secret glance on Nick, she asked Cassie in a whisper, "Cassie, your boyfriend?"

Cassie felt shy. She turned and glanced at Nick, but she hesitated to respond.

"Hello, I am Nick. You are right, I am Cassie's boyfriend. Nice to meet you," Nick offered to introduce himself, as he waved a greeting toward Cassie's colleague.

"Wow, congratulations! Cassie, you really are a lucky woman," her colleague praised, giving Cassie the thumbs-up.

Cassie's face turned red and she could feel the blood rushing to her face. She dropped her head and tried to find a hole on the ground to bury her face.

Knowing Cassie was embarrassed, Nick decided to bundle the colleague off. He added, "Thanks for taking care of my girlfriend. I would be happy to invite you to dinner any time when you are available."

Cassie was amazed by what Nick had said. She kept gazing at Nick with a strange look. No doubt, to Cassie, Nick's words sounded glib, completely not remotely habitual of the man she used to know. 'Nick must have learned those unusual pleasantries from the business world, ' she thought.

Nick had always been honest and genuine toward his love for Cassie, so he never showed such diplomatic traits in his character to Cassie. As a result, Cassie felt rather surprised.

However, this did not end with just one colleague. Cassie was greeted by her colleagues who happened to meet her one after the other all across the hallway till she reached her office. She felt being under a lot of pressure trying to explain Nick to them all the way.

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