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   Chapter 1479 The Trap

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"Thank you. I'm so happy that you come to visit me. I've recovered already but Aron insists that I get confined. I feel so bored. Nick, tell me the truth. What's going on between you and Cassie?"

Isla's question startled Nick.

Sheryl felt surprised too. Although she knew that Isla cared about Nick and Cassie's relationship, she thought her question was too straightforward. But it was Isla's style.

"I told Isla about the misunderstanding between you and Cassie. Nick, the reason why we asked you here now is because we want to help you two to clear things out, if you don't mind," Sheryl added.

Upon hearing that, Nick felt a little embarrassed. "Thank you so much," he murmured.

"Can you tell us what exactly is going on between you two?" Isla urged impatiently. She couldn't wait any longer.

Nick had no choice but to tell them what happened in his apartment. The two ladies listened attentively. But he didn't expect that after he finished the story, he heard Isla shout out, "How silly you are! You were set up! It was a trap!"

Nick was astonished when he heard Isla's words. Sheryl then added, "Cassie told me what had happened after she left. And now we are sure about one thing: you and Cassie were both set up."

"We were set up?" Nick was confused with the ladies' conclusion. "What are you talking about?"

"Cassie told me that she ran into Jordan after she left your apartment. Then Jordan sent her to a hotel. But don't worry, he didn't stay with her that night. He left at last. But just think about it. That's really strange! How did that woman suddenly turn up at your apartment? Why did Jordan coincidentally show up near your apartment too?" Sheryl voiced out her analysis.

Her words were a bolt from the blue to Nick. He stood there, numb.

That evening came across his mind as flashbacks. That woman appeared in his apartment for some unknown reason. Then Cassie showed up all of a sudden to find them, and she ended up running away

his head, his eyes filled with eagerness.

"You are such a fool. You will know the answer after you ask Cassie when she gets here," Sheryl answered Nick, hoping to lighten up the mood.

Nick suddenly started to fidget. He felt nervous and excited knowing that it was only a matter of time before he could see Cassie again.

Soon, they heard Cassie's voice as she entered the door.

"Isla, Sheryl told me that you didn't seem too well. How are you feeling exactly?"

Beauty's voice came earlier than her appearance.

Nick turned around unconsciously, being startled by Cassie's voice.

And there she was, standing by the door, on her nurse uniform. She looked exactly the same as how he had pictured her in his head, even wearing the same expression. But Nick felt somewhat disconnected to her.

"Cassie!" Nick couldn't help standing up and murmuring. His eyes remained fixed on her.

Cassie was also surprised when she saw Nick. She felt too excited that she could hear her heart beat too fast. Her body didn't seem to want to move, so she just stood still.

Both of them looked at each other in silence, disregarding everyone else's presence in the ward.

Sheryl and Isla watched as the couple stared at each other in silence. They couldn't help but smile at the thought that they pulled it off.

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