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   Chapter 1477 Disappointment

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Melissa didn't want to run into Charles, which was why she got up so late. She wanted to avoid being scolded by him again. Half an hour ago, she heard the car engine. After the car left, she felt relieved and decided to get up and come downstairs.

Melissa wasn't expecting to run into Charles at all. She noticed Charles' gloomy face, and immediately felt uncomfortable. 'What comes around, goes around, ' Melissa sighed.

Melissa hesitated for a second. She even forgot how to walk for a few seconds. Looking around, she refused to look into Charles' eyes.

However, Charles didn't care, and refrained from giving her a chance. He lowered his voice saying, "Mom, please come downstairs. I need to talk to you."

Since the living room was silent, Charles knew Melissa heard him clearly, which was why she was forced to respond.

Grinding her teeth, Melissa finally made up her mind. She proceeded downstairs to confront Charles.

"Hi, Charles. It's quite early. Is everything alright?" Since it was already past noon, it wasn't that early actually. In fact, the sun was even shining brightly outside.

Charles glanced at Melissa coldly. It was almost as though he wanted to get his message across to her, without saying a single word.

Seeing him staring so intently at her, sent shivers down Melissa's spine. She felt exposed and insecure as Charles continued staring at her with his gloomy face and sharp eyes.

"Mom, you hit Shirley for no apparent reason yesterday? I saw her arm and could see that it hurt Shirley badly. I felt very sorry for her. Why did you do that, Mom? Shirley is your grandchild."

Charles's voice was extremely low and serious. He was blaming Melissa and wanted a valid explanation from her.

Melissa didn't see the point of explaining herself, especially because she knew that Charles wouldn't believe her again. However, instead of lying and making up excuses, she admitted th

uences, Melissa regrouped her thoughts and managed to calm herself down. She immediately swallowed her words.

It was her last resort and only leverage. She couldn't tell the reporter yet.

At the hospital, Sheryl entered Isla's ward. She grabbed Sheryl's hand and asked her to sit down next to the bed.

"What happened? You're being awfully mysterious. Did you do something wrong?" Sheryl didn't think anything of Isla's suspicion. She was used to Isla's drama, so instead of answering, she decided to tease her.

Sheryl was worried about Isla. But after she saw how energetic she was, Sheryl's worry was eased.

"Sheryl, I have something to share with you. You won't believe what I just saw," Isla said mysteriously.

Sheryl glanced at her and burst out into a laughter.

"Isla, I don't think you're sick anymore. You must have recovered already."

"I'm being serious, Sheryl. Guess whom I saw just now?" said Isla.

Sheryl finally set her jokes aside and out of curiosity, asked, "Who?"

"I saw a man. He grabbed Cassie's hand and urged her to leave the hospital and go with him. Luckily, I noticed in time and managed to stop him."

"A man? He was trying to get Cassie to leave the hospital?" Sheryl hesitated and asked anxiously, "What did he look like?"

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