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   Chapter 1476 Jordan's Fox Tail

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Updated: 2019-09-04 08:39

A bead of sweat rolled down the back of Jordan's neck. Finally, he couldn't contain himself anymore. He grasped Cassie's shoulders and said, "I really love you, Cassie. I fell in love with you at first sight. I can't live without you, Cassie! Please be my girlfriend. I promise to be good to you for the rest of my life. Just move on and get over Nick. He doesn't deserve you at all, and he's seeing another woman…"

"You know Nick? Since when? Why do you know things about him? Tell me!" Cassie suddenly interrupted.

At that moment, Jordan realized that he had confessed too much and hated the quick slip of his tongue. He quickly racked his brain for any excuse he could say.

"Well, the day has eyes and the night has ears. Cassie, you might know him by face but not his mind. I believe you've seen it with your own eyes. You need to move on! I'm here and I'll always be here for you. Please give us a chance. Think about it!" Jordan exclaimed. He looked so serious that it seemed like he was standing on Cassie's shoe, but all he wanted was to shift the topic back to their relationship.

"It's none of your business! Please stay away from me!" Cassie said coldly. She tried to get rid of him, but his grip was too tight and it was hurting her.

"Let go of me! You're hurting me!" Cassie yelled with furrowed brows.

"I don't believe that you feel nothing! Please think harder and give me an answer now!" Jordan's nerves were too on edge that he couldn't even control himself. He was too obsessed that he wouldn't give up.

"Leave her alone!" someone shouted. Jordan wanted to say more but he was interrupted by a woman's shout from behind Cassie.

He looked at the woman in shock, who now stood right beside Cassie and glared at him like a ravenous tiger.

However, he was too occupied with his own matters to speak to the unknown woman. He fixed his eyes on Cassie instead, and felt like he wanted to take her away.

But before he could do anything, the woman suddenly lifted her hand and hit him straight across his face. Jordan was so surprised that he staggered backwards, but Cassie got a chance to stay away from him. She then looked gratefully at Isla, the woman who helped her.

"Son of a bitch! Who are you doing in broad daylight? Stay away from her!" Isla shouted mercilessly. "Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" she asked Cassie and quickly checked up on h

and said, "I'm sorry again, Cassie. Please don't be mad at me!"

"It's a misunderstanding. Thank you, Isla, for everything. I feel better now for telling you," Cassie said with a sweet smile.

"You're so sweet. Nick's so lucky to have you. If you two are having any troubles, please let me know. I'll give him a lesson," Isla said seriously and waved her fist.

However, Cassie was silent at the mention of Nick's name. She lowered her head and stared at the floor.

Her unease didn't go unnoticed. "Cassie, tell me. Is there anything wrong between you and Nick?" Isla asked. "You look unhappy now," she added.

"No, not as you think. Isla, you're sick now and need to take more rest. Let's go back to your ward. I shouldn't trouble you now. Please don't worry. We're fine," Cassie said in a reassuring tone. She then put her hand on Isla's arm and walked her back to her ward.

But in fact, Isla was as strong as a horse now. Otherwise she wouldn't have scared Jordan away. She didn't push Cassie to talk anymore. It was their own business and she believed that Cassie could handle it by herself. After all, it was something that she had to face alone for the rest of her life, and not rely on the help of others.

Inside Dream Garden's dining hall, the steel leg of the dining chair squeaked against the tiled floor as Charles pulled it out. He placed his car keys on the table when his mother walked down the staircase.

She hummed a song and seemed like she had completely forgotten what happened last night. Charles raised a brow and cast her an icy, piercing glare.

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