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   Chapter 1475 Turning Jordan Down

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Looking into Shirley's innocent eyes, Charles felt a sting in his heart. In the mad rush to earn more and more money, he could hardly spend quality time with his two kids. Their childhood days would never come back and certainly, money couldn't buy them back. Then what was the point of all this?

Charles caressed Shirley's hair and sobbed, "Okay. I promise you, I'll be home as soon as I finish work. I will never be late again. I'm sorry that Grandma hit you yesterday. Is it still painful?"

As he spoke, he took Shirley's arm, rolled up her sleeve and checked it. Since it had been attended last night, it recovered a little. But the bruise was still prominent in contrast to her white skin. His heart shattered into a thousand pieces as he saw the wound on Shirley's arm. The pain reflected in his eyes as well.

"Yes, Dad, it's painful... I was scared yesterday. Grandma looked very frightening. There were also some strange women, and one of them kept me in her arms and didn't let me go. I was almost choked by her,"

Shirley complained to her father, looking still frightened. She even patted her chest as if trying to get over the shock. The fear in her eyes and her gestures trying to explain the horrendous incident moved both her parents to tears.

Charles went numb for a while. He was frustrated and sad beyond words as he listened to Shirley's description. Earlier, he had thought that taking back Melissa's allowance for half a year would be enough to punish her for her misdeeds. But now he realized that she deserved a more severe one.

Sheryl and Charles stayed with Clark and Shirley, and cheered them up for a while, trying to let them get over the previous day's trauma. When the kids finally burst into a smile, Sheryl and Charles felt relieved. Their giggles filled the air with positive vibes. Sheryl applied the cream onto Shirley's injured skin to help her recover better. Then they went downstairs together to have breakfast.

In the dining room

It had been a long time since they had breakfast together. Therefore all of them were quite happy today. They enjoyed the delicious food and chatted with each other. They finished breakfast in a lovely atmosphere. After they got everything ready, Sheryl and Charles drove the kids to school.

After they bid farewell to the kids at school, Charles proposed to drop Sheryl to her company, which came as a pleasant surprise to Sheryl. She could not help appreciating Charles. Indeed, he had been a perfect husband and father this morning.

They arrived at Sheryl's office building soon.

"Charles, goodbye. D

e sleepy right now.

When Cassie came in, she saw Isla having a sound sleep. To avoid disturbing her, Cassie tiptoed towards her bed, covered her with a blanket without making a noise and left.

As Cassie came out of Isla's room, she found someone blocking her way.

She looked up, only to find that it was Jordan standing in front of her.

Finally, he showed himself. She had made it clear to him that she didn't love him. She had even given him a slap, which had kept him away from her for several days. Of course, last time he ran across her and sent her to the hotel was only a coincidence. But now he had come up to her once again.

When Cassie thought about this, her sullen face softened. After all, he had helped her last time when she was in trouble. Had it not been for him, she didn't know how to come through at that night.

"Jordan, is there anything you want to talk to me?" Cassie said to him in a curt and cold tone.

Due to excitement or nervousness, Jordan swallowed hard as he saw Cassie. He managed to control his trembling voice and said, "Cassie, I have something to tell you. Are you available now?"

"Sorry, I'm very busy right now. I don't have time," Cassie refused him resolutely.

Jordan's expectant expression changed suddenly, but he restrained his frustration and sighed, "Fine. I hope to talk to you when you are not so busy."

"Jordan, I have made it very clear to you that I don't love you, right? Why can't you just stop this? I really feel nothing for you. As a matter of fact, I have fallen in love with some other guy." Cassie decided to tell him everything, hoping to put him off this time. It would only cause more trouble to her life if Jordan persisted in the way he did.

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