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   Chapter 1474 Dad's Accompany

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"Hi, I'm Cassie. I'm a friend of Isla. We've known each other for—"

Before Cassie could finish her words, Isla came out of the restroom and stood by the doorway. "Cassie? Why are you here?" Isla asked in surprise.

"Isla, I'm here for work of course. It's my shift today. By the way, what's up with you? Why are you in the hospital? Is there anything wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable? What happened? Let me check your vital signs," Cassie asked a series of questions so quickly that Isla couldn't even answer any of them. After a while, Cassie walked towards Isla with a tray in her hands. She put the tray on the bedside table and stood beside Isla.

"I just have a stomachache. It's nothing new, I'm used to it. But it suddenly became serious last night. It hurt so much that I didn't sleep for almost the whole night. I was so tired, so I went to the hospital." Isla had finally answered Cassie's questions from a while ago. Then, Isla beckoned Cassie to come closer, as if she was going to tell a secret. "Cassie, have you seen Aron? You've heard a lot about him, but you've never met him yet, right? How did it feel to meet someone like him? Were you disappointed?" Isla teased her on purpose.

A slight blush appeared on Cassie's cheeks. "Aron is such a nice and handsome man. How could I be disappointed with meeting him? Isla, I think you've gotten the right man for you. He's a keeper!"

Meanwhile, Aron, who was still there, heard the jokes between the two women. He felt so shy and embarrassed in front of them, but he couldn't leave because the two ladies talked nice things about him. It was going to be rude if he left so suddenly.

"Isla, I think you haven't had breakfast yet, so I think you should eat something first before I give you a thorough check," said Cassie. "Good. I just washed up and went straight here so I didn't have the time for breakfast.

How about you? Did you have your breakfast? How about we have some together?" Isla asked. "That's nice, but no thank you. I'm on my shift. I'm not allowed to eat while working.

What are you doing, Isla? You're tempting me to break the rules!" Cassie said with a laugh. "Really now? But maybe you're right. I can't let you have trouble with management.

Alright then, I'll have breakfast first. Please wait a moment for me, my dear doctor," Isla said and smiled. Isla stretched a bit and walked towards the dining table. Aron had already prepared the tableware, and was carefully pouring f

opped up from the door out of the blue. "Dad is also here, I will go with you," he said with a laugh.

Sheryl saw what Charles did, and felt so attracted to him. Charles was like the boy who lived next door and was secretly loved by all the young girls in the street. He had an energetic and bright smile that it seemed like he could stay young forever. Sheryl realized that by just looking at him, she couldn't help but smile happily. He was like a star, the light that illuminated her life.

"No! I don't want Dad! Dad only loves working. He doesn't love us!" Shirley complained.

She jumped next to Charles and pretended to accuse her father of something. Her lips formed an angry pout and her hands went up wildly in the air, like she wanted to strangle her father's neck.

Charles laughed bitterly. He also put on a sad face and told Shirley, "But Dad needs to work so that Dad can give you a better life."

Shirley looked at his face and she felt like she was going to cry. "But I think if I can see Dad and Mom every day, that will be the best life. Dad, can you be less busy? Can you be with me and Clark for a longer time?" she lamented.

Guilt and affection filled Charles at Shirley's words. He was busy with the company's cases that for some time, and had indeed forgotten to take care of his family. He thought that he could make it up to Clark and Shirley in some other way, but at that time, he realized that nothing was more important than he staying with them.

'That's right. Their childhood is only for a couple of years. By the time they grow up, maybe they won't need my company anymore, ' Charles thought to himself.

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