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   Chapter 1472 In Hospital

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Charles stayed with Sheryl until she fell asleep. When she did, he waited a few minutes before leaving the bedroom and making his way to his mother's room.

It was quiet in Melissa's room, and there was no light coming from inside. He stood there, debating whether or not he should wake her up. Finally, he reached out to knock on the door, but before his knuckles touched the wood, he stopped.

Charles let down his hand and sighed. The sound was ever so quiet but in the silent night, it was audible like a soft whisper. With help from a dim light in the corridor, he checked the time on his watch. It was past midnight.

It was indeed very late. Charles had no choice but to return to his bedroom. He was frustrated, but it was no use waking her up right now.

He would talk with Melissa in the morning, and confront her about the things that happened. His home was torn apart and turned upside down today, and if Melissa weren't his mother, he would surely gone into her room and given her a stern talking to.

On the one hand, family ties meant attachment. But on the other hand, they could also be fetters.

He shouldn't let her have her own way anymore. Charles decided that he must reason with Melissa. His family was happy and everything was peaceful before she came. But now she had made a mess. She dared to lift a hand against Shirley, which Charles found intolerable and unacceptable. He knew that his kids were sweet and well-mannered. Violence could very well have a lasting impact on their personalities.

Sometimes, Charles would get pretty doubtful about their relationship. Was Melissa really his mother? Why did she always behave as though she wasn't? Generally speaking, mothers always took care of their children and treated them as their top priority. But what had Melissa done for him? Absolutely nothing.

Charles remembered when he was a primary school student, there was an assignment in language class, which required everyone to write a composition about their mothers. As an excellent student, he was always good at tests. However, that composition was a torment for him and only b

king about? Of course not!" The doctor couldn't help but be amused by Isla's reaction. "Even if you wanted to die, I won't let you as your doctor," he teased.

"Good to know! I'm scared! Thank you, doctor. I promise I will have my meals on time, and I'll watch my lifestyle habits."

The doctor stopped her. "Enough, young lady. No making promises to me. Just do it." He stood up, ready to go. "Have a good rest. Call the nurse if you need anything."

"Okay, I will. Thank you, doctor," Isla told him, smiling.

After the doctor left, Isla tossed and turned in bed because of her stomachache. Even though she had an infusion to alleviate the pain, she still felt uncomfortable.

She sat up. At that very moment, Aron returned.

"Isla, what do you want?" Aron rushed forward to support her. He was worried that her stomach was troubling her again.

"Are you having stomach pains again? I'll send for the doctor," Aron said and turned to go out of the room.

Isla tugged on his arm and stopped him. "No, don't go, Aron!"

"Why? But you are..." Aron frowned.

"Relax. I just want to go to the toilet. Don't worry about me," Isla said. It was clear that Aron really was concerned about her, which made Isla feel warm and touched.

Aron scratched the back of his head and said in a sheepish voice, "I thought you were..."

"Thank you, dear. I'm all right. Come on and help me," Isla smiled.

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