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   Chapter 1471 Planning A Holiday

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"It's unnecessary. Your mother is not being held prisoner at home. She is free to invite her friends over or do less extravagant activities," Sheryl told Charles. She thought for a while before she added, "I have just talked to her. Charles, have you ever thought about why her friends always like hanging around with her? And why she is always asking you for money?"

Charles was stunned. "You mean...they make friends with my mother only because of her money?" he exclaimed in amazement.

"Isn't it true? You can ask any of her friends to confirm if she's the moneybag in their circle. Besides, she likes showing off. Whenever there is a gathering, she always shoulders the bill. Some of her friends even encouraged her to gamble. And they even..."

Charles interrupted, "Sher, I know what you mean." He hadn't forgotten the last time his mother went to Las Vegas to gamble and lost a big sum of money.

"I have already talked with Mom. She agreed to give up her allowance for the next six months, as punishment," Sheryl said curtly.

Charles was surprised to hear what Sheryl had just said. Half a year's allowance? That was a considerable sum of money.

Before Melissa was arrested, she was a rich lady from the well-respected Lu family. When Charles learned about her release, he felt very sorry for the hardships she had endured. He tried his best to make it up to her. He gave her as much money as she wanted. However, he didn't expect that she could spend as much as a million dollars within one month. He was shocked by how lavishly she liked to spend, but he didn't intend to stop her. Now, she had begun asking him for even more money.

Charles knew how the money was being spent, to some extent. But Melissa was his mother, after all. He wouldn't get richer even if he had saved the amount he had been giving her instead. As long as his mother was happy, he was willing to pay whatever the cost. It wasn't a big deal for him.

He knew clearly what a moneygrubber Melissa was. Accordingly, he felt amazed that his mother would agree to Sheryl's terms.

"Charles, why are you looking at me like that? Don't you believe me?" Sheryl asked, looking

lways compromised in the end, no matter how furious he had been in the beginning. At times when Melissa stepped out of line, he would admonish her and warn her not to do it again, assuring her of serious consequences. In the end, he would do nothing.

The lenient and seemingly uncaring way he handled things made Sheryl suffer. She knew she couldn't count on him regarding Melissa's issue. She knew she must take action herself.

The thought of it made her sad. She couldn't help but sigh, thinking about the fact that she had changed from an innocent girl to a woman who was adept at scheming.

She didn't know whether this change was good, but she no longer cared about it either. The only thing she cared about now was protecting her children, Clark and Shirley, even if it meant making sacrifices. She had to be brave.

Charles caressed Sheryl's hair. His eyes were full of love. His warm and soulful gaze always touched Sheryl.

"Goodnight, Sher. Go to bed. I'll be right back," Charles whispered to her. He gave Sheryl a gentle kiss on her forehead. The kiss wasn't steamy. It was pure, as sweet as the fresh scent of grass in spring.

Sheryl nodded. Exhaustion swept over her after such a long day. She yawned and went to bed, her eyelids heavy with fatigue. She had been nervous the whole day. Since the issue with Melissa was now resolved, she felt relieved. The moment she threw herself on the bed, she fell into a deep sleep.

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