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   Chapter 1470 Her Original Sin

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It was as if a heavy weight was tied around Charles' heart, which increased his burdens. How he wished he could wake his mother up and tell her to never ever hurt his wife and kids again, but his gut feeling told him to find Sheryl and check how she was doing now. She must be sulking and quite upset. He needed to make her happy first. He couldn't afford to let her get sick a second time, especially when things started to get better.

A bitter smile cracked his lips when he walked to their bedroom. He felt powerless amidst all the family affairs.

It took him all his strength to push the door open. He was greeted by complete silence. Only the light of the dim lamp on the table lit the room, and his wife wasn't in the bed as usual.

Charles' heart missed a beat. With a bated breath, he looked around the balcony, the bathroom, and every corner he could search. However, Sheryl was nowhere to be found.

It was already late, and Sheryl wouldn't be out at such time.

'Maybe she's in the kids' room, ' Charles thought and hurriedly turned around.

The door to the kids' room was unlocked, and a thin sliver of light broke out through the gap. Charles stopped in front of it, but hesitated.

Inside the room was his family. They depended on him and in turn, he treasured them deeply. But he couldn't do the right thing for them, and so he felt that he didn't have enough rights to enter the room.

What if his wife was crying with the two kids in her arms? What should he do then? Should he go to his mother's room and force her to apologize to them?

He couldn't offer anything else but soothing words, and he hated that. However, it was his own mother on the other side. He couldn't force himself to do anything violent to her.

As a son who was brought up in a traditional Chinese family, he was used to obeying his elders.

Charles felt like a deer with its horns being pulled on either side; unable to advance or retreat.

He stood still by the door for a few moments, and then pressed his ear against the wood to listen to any sounds behind it.

Only the faint hum of the air-condition was heard. He guessed that Sheryl might have fallen asleep with the kids now.

But in the next second, padded footsteps tapped against the floor. Charles hurriedly stepped back and nervously waited for the door to open.

The door slowly creaked, and then finally opened to reveal Sheryl.

Charles heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the familiar face of his wife, but his h

heryl decided to retreat for the sake of advancing, to force Charles to make the right decision.

She patted his back and said bitterly, "I won't go anywhere, Charles. I'm your wife and we have two kids. They need their mother and father. I don't think I can handle bringing them up alone. I didn't have thought of leaving you. But, what's on your mind? Do you want me to leave?"

"No, never! I swear that's the last thing I'll do in this world. Sher, I can't afford to lose you, I just can't." Charles let go of her and held her at arm's length, as his eyes bore deeply into hers. "Everything will be fine, just give me some time. Okay?"

"I will," Sheryl said with a nod. "Oh, thank God! I thought I would lose you again," Charles exclaimed in joy and relief.

He had prepared himself for when Sheryl wouldn't talk to him, but today had gone differently. To his relief, Sheryl treated the matter like a different person. It was the best outcome that could happen, that he didn't expect it even in his dreams.

"No, I won't," Sheryl said softly. She took her hand from his and continued, "But I have one condition. It doesn't matter how bad Melissa treats me, but not my kids. I hope that was the last time she hurt them. You must promise that."

"I know, and I promise," Charles said without second thoughts. "I've learned the whole situation from Nancy, so now I know who should be blamed. Please trust me, Sher. I'll talk to her first thing tomorrow morning. She'll be prohibited from bringing her guests home again, to play cards under this ceiling. All the things that bothered you will never be seen in this house again. This is my promise!"

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