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   Chapter 1469 Charles' Fury

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This time, Sheryl didn't want Melissa to get away so easily. At the very least, she believed Melissa was a senior worthy of respect. As an adult, she had to be responsible for the mistakes she made.

What Sheryl really wanted was to teach her a lesson. Pressing her lips together, she glared at Melissa pointedly as she thought of how she could punish her.

Getting cautious, Melissa grew alert as she looked straight into Sheryl's grim eyes—her heart seemed to sink, and she couldn't help but let her legs tremble. The Sheryl in front of her was like someone entirely new. No matter how hard she was on Sheryl, the latter had always surrendered eventually, in the interest of avoiding a long and bigger problem. Now, it seemed that Sheryl couldn't care less about Melissa's position as senior of the family, leaving no room for compromise.

Throughout the silence, Sheryl didn't pull her eyes off Melissa once. While Melissa put on a tough facade, Sheryl ran out of patience and began speaking. "Mom, I think you've had too much leisure time. It's brought you low. Now, you're not only lazy, but too bad-tempered! You were so bored that you resorted to beating the kids for fun? How about this. If you're so good at playing cards, you should take advantage of your skill and make a living on it. It must be challenging enough to pull you out of boredom. If you don't, I'll get Charles to stop providing you any finances for the next half-year."

Melissa's confused face turned livid. Her heart stopped shrinking as anger rose in her chest. Numerous things began running through her head—Sheryl had no right to make Charles do that. And without money, Melissa couldn't survive a single day and she knew it. Considering that, she couldn't help but react aggressively to Sheryl's intimidation.

Almost in despair, Melissa burst into a fit of rage. Her face twisted into something monstrous as she shouted angrily at Sheryl, "Who the hell do you think you are? You have no right to restrain my way of living! I'm warning you, Sheryl, don't get too conceited!" Her lips trembled as she yelled and her brows creased into a hideous frown. Not wanting to appear threatened, Melissa made it clear that she wouldn't allow Sheryl to do such a thing.

"I'm conceited? How dare you say that! You ungrateful wretch! You're the one who's been conceited all this time! You never know how to reflect and admit to your own mistakes! I don't want to argue with you, but I'm warning you, if you keep this attitude u

ow Sheryl shouted, she didn't believe Sheryl would lose her temper so easily again. In her opinion, it was always Melissa stirring up the argument. Unable to put up with her insanity, it was no wonder that Sheryl ended up answering back.

Still, Nancy didn't think too much of it, because she preferred to stand up for Sheryl instead of Melissa. So long as Sheryl wasn't treated unfairly, she didn't care whether or not Sheryl was in the right. In Lu family, Sheryl was someone who treated Nancy as one of her own since the beginning—Nancy couldn't count how many times Melissa failed to put her down because of Sheryl's help. As a servant of the house, Nancy was grateful for someone like Sheryl.

"Mr. Lu, I heard Mrs. Lu lost her temper when I was in the kitchen. The kids were scared to tears… Sher was trying to comfort them," Nancy responded in concern.

"Alright, I got it. Thanks, Nancy." Though he nodded at her with a faint smile, a heavy shadow cast on his face. At the next moment, he turned and headed upstairs.

Watching as he left, Nancy spoke a prayer in heart. 'I hope Mr. Lu can harden his heart this time. He can't keep tolerating Melissa anymore; or else, he will allow Sheryl and the kids to suffer. The only one in this family who can handle Melissa is Mr. Lu.'

When Charles got upstairs, he found that the door to Melissa was left open. Walking past her room, he paused to check inside, only to find Melissa fast asleep.

In his anger, a thought came to him. 'She's getting more and more conceited. She loses her temper whenever she wants at anyone she wants without a care in the world. She shouldn't be sleeping so peacefully!'

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