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   Chapter 1468 Confronting Melissa

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A puff of air came out of Charles' lips as he sighed heavily. Frustration crept over his face, for he didn't know what to feel about Melissa. On the one hand, she was his mother; on the other hand, she was also hurting his family.

The end tone beeped from the phone as Sheryl completely hung up. She was anxious to confront Melissa. She'd been out for just half a day, but Melissa already hurt Shirley. Who knew what she would do to the children in the future when both she and Charles were outside?

Thus, she had to give Melissa a lesson for what she did this time. She wouldn't let her get away with it so easily.

Anger steamed out of her system as she strode directly to Melissa's room. Her sullen face burned with fiery anger, and the way she walked made her look like a furious Nemesis.

Soon enough, she reached Melissa's door. She reached out and pounded on the wood with all her might, the door trembling with a loud thud.

Melissa was startled, then she realized that it might be Sheryl or Charles who was there for Shirley. Despite her unwillingness, she stood up and opened the door—only to be greeted by an angry Sheryl in front of her.

Although Sheryl had always been kind and gentle, that wasn't the case at that moment. Melissa couldn't help but feel a little intimidated since she was indeed guilty.

"Mom, why did you beat Shirley today? You also know what a sweet and lovely girl she is. How could you abuse her like that? Do you really treat her as your own grandchild?" Sheryl hissed.

Sheryl's direct and intense questioning almost made her fail to restrain herself as she accused Melissa of her disgusting conduct.

On the other hand, Melissa felt utterly frightened by Sheryl's fierce attitude. Her sharp glare was so piercing that Melissa couldn't help but look away. She quickly whipped her head to the side and thought about how to react. She was Sheryl's mother-in-law, an elder. How dared Sheryl yell at her like that?

In addition, she was Shirley's gran

est, so close that it almost touched her.

But Sheryl ignored her offensive act. "You know the reason, don't you? You can't cover secrets forever," she said with a scornful glance.

All of a sudden, Melissa's body was frozen on the spot. Silence hung thick in the air, and the atmosphere became awkward. The distressing air almost drove Melissa mad.

Why did Sheryl say that? Did she know that she was also involved in Shirley's kidnapping? If not, why did she say that then?

The mere thought of it filled Melissa with guilt. Her eyebrows creased, her lips quivered, and even her fingers began to tremble. She wasn't as confident as a few moments ago.

Her ego withered like a deflated balloon. She didn't dare yell at Sheryl anymore, afraid that Sheryl would know something about the abduction and decided to keep investigating her.

Meanwhile, Sheryl tried her best to restrain herself from lashing out completely at Melissa. She couldn't forget Shirley's and Clark's pitiful faces. She really wanted to bring them justice!

However, she returned to sanity in the last minute as she didn't want to solve this problem by violence. It would only hurt their family even more. Moreover, if she hurt Melissa physically, Melissa might use that against her and spread rumors about her. That wasn't a good way to end things.

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