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   Chapter 1465 Concern

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At the Shining Company, Charles was in a business meeting with the senior managers. They were discussing the following year's marketing program. It had been going on for the entire day. None of them took a break since they started in the morning. They even had to order takeout for lunch. They went back to their meeting as soon as they finished eating.

The meeting went on and on as they continued to discuss detail after detail. Soon, the Marketing Department and the Sales Department were arguing over a particular article.

The two managers just kept arguing, unable to reach an agreement. Everyone else was starting to feel anxious but they couldn't do anything about it.

After all, the program was about the Marketing Department and the Sales Department. They were the bosses. As for others, they only needed to listen and express their input every now and then.

So they all just hoped that Charles, the president of the company, could say something so that they would stop arguing because if not, who knew when their meeting could possibly end?

"Manager Wang, you're not listening. The Marketing Department's promotion is untenable. Holding a reality show in an old mall we built last year? Are you sure that's going to work?" questioned Manager Li.

"Well, we'll have to see that for ourselves. It's quite hard to predict," answered Manager Wang after a momentary pause.

When Manager Wang finished speaking, Manager Li glanced at Charles immediately. His face was difficult to read. Manager Li decided to press Manager Wang.

"See? You don't have any confidence in your own event! Think about it, everyone. It's too risky to spend 10 million on this event that he's not even sure about." Manager Li threw up his hands as he sneered at Manager Wang, a smile on his face.

"You!" Manager Wang was a little mad. He could not believe that Manager Li wo

ppen?" Charles asked anxiously.

"Mrs. Lu invited some of her friends to the house this afternoon and one of them was holding Shirley in her arms, asking Shirley to play with her. However, she smoked a lot and told lots of dirty jokes. Shirley got anxious and she couldn't breathe for a while. And Clark wanted to protect his sister, so he said something to her. And then…"

"Then what?" Charles asked coldly, which made Nancy shiver.

So Nancy replied quickly, "Then Mrs. Lu lost her temper and told the kids to go upstairs. She's throwing tantrums now and I don't know what to do."

"What about Sheryl? Where is she?" Charles asked.

"Sheryl isn't home yet and she isn't answering my calls. Mr. Lu, I think you'd better come home. I'm worried about Clark and Shirley, especially Shirley. She's been crying nonstop."

"Okay, I'll be home soon. Thanks for telling me, Nancy."

Charles punched his fist on the wall after he hung up.

How annoying!

Melissa did it again. Charles had already told Melissa a thousand times not to play cards at home especially when the kids were home. She not only invited her friends to play cards at his home but her friends also made Shirley and Clark cry. Charles wasn't happy at all. He was pissed off.

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