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   Chapter 1464 Chaos

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The women had no intentions of comforting Melissa. Instead, they were looking forward to seeing her broken family.

Some of them even added fuel to the fire. "A daughter-in-law is supposed to be submissive and take care of the whole family. How can she be so sluggish? I'm sorry to be this rude, but I have to say she doesn't deserve your son. Don't you think so too?"

"I didn't expect Sheryl to be this kind of woman. She doesn't look like a mean person. No wonder they say that cats hide their claws," another one chimed in.

Melissa flared. "Damn right! Truth be told, I do want to get along with her. But she is always putting me in some trouble or the other! How long am I supposed to tolerate this? What's worse, she is an extremely jealous woman. You know, Charles is a businessman, and he has to attend many social events. However, Sheryl would always assume that he is off with some other woman. When he is out on business, she urges him to come back soon. If he refused, she would lie that she was sick," Melissa complained.

Her sole purpose was to throw mud on Sheryl's image. She felt that slandering Sheryl would help her vent some of her pent-up anger.

"Oh my God! That is so sick! She's ruining this family," the rest of them echoed.

Shirley was tightly wrapped inside Helen's arms, and she heard them slandering her mother. The little girl was annoyed and angry. She shouted, "You're all bad guys! My mother is not like that. Don't speak bad of her!"

She even clenched her fists and waved it at them to show her protest. She glared at all of them with resentment, including Melissa. Shirley was always a polite kid. But it was in her nature to protect her mother from being defamed by these bad people.

The ladies were startled by Shirley's sudden outburst. They stopped playing and stared at Shirley, stupefied by her words. Everyone felt embarrassed because they were termed the "bad guys" by the little girl, especially Helen, who was holding Shirley in her hands. She didn't know how to react, or whet

. How would he react if he found out?

She would be prepared for what was to come. She didn't think that Charles would hurt her for real. If he got too angry, she would explain that Clark and Shirley had behaved impolitely to her guests. She would make him understand that she had only meant to teach them a lesson. Children needed to be disciplined.

Nancy sneaked away from behind Melissa without making any noise.

She had witnessed everything, including how Melissa's friends had spoken ill of Sheryl, and how Shirley had gotten hurt. She wanted to protect the kids from the very beginning. However, she knew Melissa very well, and she also knew that she couldn't change anything on her own. Therefore, she waited secretly and watched.

Since Melissa had lost her cool, she didn't notice her surroundings. Nancy grabbed the chance and slipped away silently.

She went to another room, took out her phone and dialed Sheryl's number. However, no one answered even after several rings.

'Where is she?'

Nancy had assumed that Sheryl had only stepped out for a moment, and would come back soon. That was why she hadn't called her earlier. It was already dusk, and she still wasn't back home. She wasn't answering her phone either.

Left with no other choice, Nancy decided to call Charles instead, because she was concerned about the children.

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