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   Chapter 1463 Put Charles In An Awkward Situation

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Helen feared that the kids wouldn't understand her. So she called them, "Kids, come here. Let auntie see you."

This woman made Clark sick. In fact, he didn't like anyone his grandmother brought home. But Clark didn't want to be rude so although he was reluctant, he held Shirley's hand as they headed towards the table where Helen sat. He didn't want others to think that children of the Lu family didn't know how to respect elders and behave well in public.

When Clark and Shirley were finally standing in front of the table, Melissa smiled at them and said, "Clark and Shirley, this is Grandma Helen."

These wealthy women were arrogant and proud. They envied Melissa for her adorable grandchildren which only cushioned Melissa's ego. She felt as if she was superior to them as she flaunted Clark and Shirley to the table.

Clark and Shirley did as Melissa told them and greeted each woman around the table. The excited women giggled at the two adorable kids. They wished they could hug and pinch Clark and Sheryl.

Clark and Shirley were just about to leave when Helen grabbed Shirley's hand. She asked Shirley to stay with her.

Amy wanted to smoke so she grabbed a cigarette from her pocket and lit it up. Without a care in the world, she just started smoking. Soon, the whole living room smelled like cigarette smoke.

The children couldn't stand the strong smell. Clark and Shirley felt uncomfortable right away and their noses started to itch with the strong smell. But they couldn't leave as Helen held Shirley in position next to her.

The women gathered around to play cards as they chatted with one another. They were even making dirty jokes despite Clark's and Shirley's presence. The room wa

Melissa sneered as she finished. Her disdain towards Sheryl was obvious.

No one noticed Clark and Shirley at all. They totally forgot about the kids. Clark and Shirley were furious to hear Melissa talking crap about their mother. Their faces blushed as blood rushed to their heads. They were about to lose control and defend their mother.

The other women, however, relished at the gossip. They loved hearing gossip and scandals like this. No wonder they got along with Melissa so well. After all, birds of the same feather flocked together. Melissa herself was a snarky and mean woman too.

"Tell me, whose daughter-in-law is this lazy. I honestly don't think I can find a woman in this world that is lazier than Sheryl. And what's worse, Sheryl won't listen. If you try to help her, she'll get mad at you and start making faces at you. She has no respect even for the elder. If it wasn't for Charles, I would have kicked her out of the house. The only reason I put up with her is because of Charles."

Melissa's excitement grew as she told story after story. She was so happy that she could finally tell everyone how much she hated Sheryl.

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