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   Chapter 1462 What Happened

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Sheryl was taken aback by Cassie's overreaction.

She had only asked her to meet Nick. Wasn't that what she had always wanted? Why was she being so reluctant now?

Or was there something going on between them that she didn't know?

Sheryl tried to soothe Cassie and said softly, "Cassie, if you really don't want to meet Nick, I won't push you. But, you have to be honest with me. Did something happen between you two? Did Nick hurt you in any way? Tell me, Cassie. I'll help you out."

"Sher!" Cassie cried out abruptly, tears filling in her eyes. She was extremely upset and it was pretty much evident on her face.

Sheryl couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She heaved a sigh and stood up from her seat, proceeding to sit by Cassie's side.

"Tell me what happened," Sheryl said, wrapping Cassie's hands within her own.

"He...he cheated on me! He is seeing some other woman!" Cassie finally burst out. Bitterness crept through her heart.

"Some other woman?" Sheryl murmured in disbelief. 'What the hell?' As far as she knew, Nick was honest and decent. Moreover, he was not a philandering man. Cassie's accusation of Nick shocked her.

"It's true," Cassie repeated, sobbing. Seeing that Sheryl wasn't convinced, Cassie decided to tell her everything that had happened.

"I saw it with my own eyes… I saw that woman at Nick's place. Sher, tell me, what should I do now? I really don't know what to do!" Cassie told her everything, except the incident that Jordan had taken her to a hotel.

She didn't mention it because she didn't think it was necessary. She didn't have any feelings for Jordan. He was just making useless efforts to get her attention.

"Cassie, calm down. Let me think this over," Sheryl said. Truth be told, she still couldn't believe it. She didn't think that she would ever hear such a thing about Nick.

But just as Cassie had said, it couldn't have been a mistake if she had seen it herself. But, it still sounded ridiculous to Sheryl.

It was difficult to digest that Nick would play around with different women. Nick wasn't t

ned to look in the direction and saw Clark and Shirley walk in. They had just come back from school.

The children were surprised to find the group of strange women in their home, playing cards. Though it was impolite to do so, they didn't want to greet them or speak to them. Their grandma liked these kinds of activities, and the old ladies were loud and disturbing.

The shuffling of the cards, the screams when someone won a game and their raging disputes were all loud enough to turn their home upside down.

Even though Clark was accustomed to it, he still felt annoyed by their presence. He wanted to cover Shirley's ears to protect her from the noise.

So he ignored them and trotted towards the stairway with Shirley. However, when they were just about to step onto the first stair, Helen, one of Melissa's guests, beckoned to them.

Helen loved children. But her son was a playboy who refused to get married. She was an old, lonely woman. How badly she wanted a grandchild! It was her biggest dream, but her son didn't want any children, at least not at the moment.

So, when she saw how adorable Clark and Shirley were, she couldn't help feeling sentimental. They were so beautiful! Their cute eyes and angel-like faces attracted Helen. How she hoped that they were her own grandchildren! She wanted them to come closer to her so that she could take a good look at them.

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