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   Chapter 1461 A Permanent Solution

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Holley knew that giving money wasn't a permanent solution and she couldn't even afford it anyway.

So giving money to Melissa who was merely speculating in the stock market was a temporary expedient. Everything Holley did was for a reason but she just didn't think it was the right time to tell Leila the truth just yet.

Leila's face turned gloomy at what Holley had just said. "Sounds good but I don't have any money anymore. I'm not sure if I can keep giving her the money."

Leila waited for Holley to respond. She was trying to tell Holley something and she couldn't say it directly so she hoped that Holley would just read between the lines. They were on the same team after all. They both wanted Leila to get back to the Lu family so Holley should be giving her money too.

Holley was smart enough to understand what Leila was saying. She understood that Leila was asking for her money. Leila thought she was being too vague but Holley saw right through her.

Holley couldn't help but look down on Leila, but she hid her disdain. Instead, she just said, "Don't worry about the money. I can handle that. All you have to do is teach Melissa about stock market speculation."

Leila heaved a sigh of relief. Holley always had her back no matter what happened.

Just as Leila was about to hang up, something occurred to her so she decided to tell Holley about it.

"Holley, Melissa is a gambling addict. She changes every time she gambles like she's a new person. All she can see is the chips. She gets pretty wild at the gambling table."

Holley didn't know about this. She didn't expect that the mother of the president of the Shining Company was a gambling addict. It was useful information. She and Leila c

e opened up to a man. But what she got was betrayal. How was she supposed to tell Sheryl about this and how was she supposed to love people again?

Nick, the man Cassie loved with her whole heart, cheated on Cassie. He was in love with another woman. What was worse, Nick and that woman were living together!

It was insane!

Thinking about Nick's betrayal, Cassie lowered her head. Her eyes welled up and tears fell down her cheeks.

Sheryl couldn't see Cassie's face but she could tell Cassie was upset, so Sheryl comforted Cassie, "I know what kind of person Nick is. I'm sure he won't do anything to hurt you. Even if he's treating you indifferently, that just means he's throwing a tantrum. Don't worry. I'll talk to him."

Cassie kept her head lowered and remained silent.

"How about this? When you get off work today, let's go visit Nick. You two can have a face-to-face conversation so you can solve your problems. What do you think?"

"No, I don't want to see him!" Cassie protested right away. After what happened last night, Cassie didn't ever want to see Nick again. She was afraid she wouldn't be able to control herself.

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