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   Chapter 1460 A Trap

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After Leila thought everything through, she felt excitement flowing within her. Happiness was written all over her face; she was going back to the Lu family soon enough.

But a moment later, the smile on her face faded away. 'Even though I know Melissa's weakness, what can I do with that information?' Leila thought, 'Holley said that I should find out what Melissa wanted the most, but she never told me what exactly to do. I can't just walk to her and give her a load of cash, right?

Besides, I don't even have enough money to buy a decent meal. How can I lure Melissa in with the small amount I have?'

Leila frowned. She felt lost again, feeling incapable of doing anything at all.

But it didn't bother her for too long. 'If I can't think of a good way to deal with Melissa, then I should just let Holley find a way. I'm not the one who's in a hurry to knock down Sheryl.'

Leila made a quick decision. She reached out for her phone and called Holley. "Holley, you asked me what Melissa cared about the most. I know the answer to that puzzle."

"Really? Tell me," Holley said. It seemed like she was busy with something else. Leila could hear the ruffle of papers and files.

"Money. Melissa loves money more than anything else. It is more important to her than her life," Leila said confidently. She was not sure if Holley would believe her words, so she stated some incidents regarding Melissa to make herself sound convincing.

At last, she asked, "Holley, what should we do with Melissa? How do we gain her trust, now that we know what she desires the most?"

Holley was more than satisfied with Leila's information. She thought, 'If Melissa loves money, then it makes things much simpler.

It means that we can buy her trust. Any problem that can be dealt with money is no longer a problem at all.'

A grin appeared on Holley's face; she was so sure that she was going to succeed this time. She felt like Melissa was already one of her allies.

"Leila, you said that you own a lingerie shop, right? Tell Melissa that you will give her half of the profit y

u? Just add some money quotient into that friendship, and she will dance to your tune."

Her proposal was tempting, but Leila frowned. Something was still bothering her.

After a short pause, Leila said, "You are right, but I don't think Melissa will be so easily pleased by the low profit from my small shop, let alone half of it. It wouldn't last her a week. Aren't we underestimating her?"

Holley had always despised Leila for how naive she was, but now, she changed her mind just a little bit. 'Finally, she's got something useful. Although she is short-sighted and naive, she is not that stupid. Once she sees a path, she somehow finds her way through it. I'm glad that I didn't have to spend more time trying to convince her.'

"You are right. It is not enough to lure her in. So, we need to find another way to attract her," Holley replied. A decent plan formed in Holley's head. It was not an air-tight plan at the moment, so Holley needed Leila's help.

"What way?" Leila asked in a hurry; she couldn't wait to know. She was excited about the prospect of getting herself back into the Lu family.

Holley remained silent; she was formulating the perfect plan. A while later, she said, "You think of a way to contact Melissa. Then teach her how to invest in stocks. But, regardless of whether she wins or loses her investment, you have to give her the money from your profit."

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