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   Chapter 1459 Greed

The Substitute Bride By Coolgirl Characters: 6369

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When Sheryl raised her head, she saw a skinny man standing with his back to her.

'Is he also here for Cassie? Interesting. I didn't realize that Cassie was such a popular girl,' Sheryl teased in her mind.

'Is he pursuing Cassie? If he is, I have to watch him closely, for Nick's sake. I wouldn't let this man steal Cassie away from him,' Sheryl thought to herself as she slowly tried to inch towards him. She was trying to listen in on the conversation.

"Cassie's not here. Is there any thing I can help you with?" Cassie's colleague said.

"Oh, nothing important, really. I made her soup. Could you tell her to eat it while it's still warm?" the man said calmly.

'Soup?' Sheryl thought, surprised. 'Wow! He made soup for her. What a nice guy! If such a nice man is pursuing Cassie, I wouldn't be surprised if she fell in love with him.'

Sheryl stood up from where she was sitting as she waited for the man to come out.

Cassie's colleague seemed also surprised by what the man said so he remained silent.

A few moments later, the colleague said, "All right, you can put it here. This is Cassie's desk."

"Alright. Thank you very much," the man responded.

"Wait. Who should I say it's from? When Cassie comes back, I can tell her who the soup's from," he said.

But the man didn't respond again. He hesitated for a moment and said, "Thank you, but there's no need for that. If she wants to know, she'll find a way."

Then the man turned around to leave.

Sheryl lowered her head and focused on her phone when she heard the sound of footsteps coming nearer.

But just as the man was about to pass by, she suddenly raised her head. "Sir, please, wait."

Jordan wasn't planning on staying. He didn't even want Cassie to know that the soup was from him. It wasn't the right time to tell her yet. But suddenly, a woman stopped him from leaving. He paused in his trac

was in prison with Melissa, Melissa talked about her experiences. She was in jail because she committed commercial fraud. She loved money so much that she was willing to risk herself for it.

Leila was suddenly enlightened. She felt as if the fog in her mind had suddenly cleared. 'If I come up with a plan with this in mind, I might just find a way out,' Leila thought to herself.

Leila recalled when she and Melissa were shopping the other day, she bought Melissa some clothes. Melissa was so happy. 'I can't take my mind off that gleam in her eyes when I handed her the shopping bags. It was a look of greed. Like she'd made profit or something. She loved free stuff,' Leila thought to herself.

'After, she even told me how to get richer. She even said something about Charles' company. All she cares about is money and she doesn't even try to hide it. I've thought about this for so long. How come I'm only realizing this now? Maybe, I just figured that Melissa had a wealthy son so she wouldn't worry about money that much.

Man, I was so wrong. So wrong! All Melissa cares about is money!'

With that thought in mind, she was sure that Melissa had weakness. 'As long as she has desire, she has weakness that I can take advantages from!' Leila thought.

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