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   Chapter 1458 A Strange Young Man

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The woman was so close that Nick could see the expression on her face. She had a sweet smile, pearly white teeth and adorable dimples. He couldn't help but think of Cassie.

'Oh God! What is happening to me?

Why am I thinking about Cassie again? Why can't I forget her?' Nick thought to himself.

He cradled his head with both hands and squatted down helplessly. He looked very confused and perplexed, which was rare for a rational man like him.

Cassie had betrayed him already, but he still couldn't keep her off his head—something he shouldn't be doing. Cassie was insistent on chasing him. She liked him from the start but it seemed like he wasn't able to retain her interest.

He tried to convince himself to let her go. However, deep in his heart, he knew that he really didn't want to give up.

For all those years, he lived alone. He never thought this lonely life that he was so used to living would pale in comparison to the life he could have when he met her. She loved him and cared for him. How could he return to his old life when he knew that a better life was out there for him?

When they had been together, Cassie took care of him. She had helped him clean his room and even cooked for him. But back then, he didn't appreciate her and all she'd done for him. He took her for granted.

It was only now that he'd realized how special she was and how much he wanted her in his life.

Cassie was his priority and it wasn't like he could do anything about it. He couldn't even stop thinking about her. Unfortunately, he didn't realize how much he loved her until now.

'Live in the moment. Cherish what you have before you end up losing it,' he thought to himself.

Nick regretted taking Cassie for granted. He closed his eyes, and a tear trickled down his cheek.

No! He wasn't going to give up so easily! He wouldn't let Cassie slip away from him. He would win her back!

At the thought of this, he stood up from the floor, picked up the phone, and dialed a number.

"Hello, Nick?" Sheryl answered the phone after several rings.


ctant-filled place.

She had already asked the information desk so she knew that Cassie was on duty today.

There was only one young man in the office of Cassie's department when Sheryl knocked on the door.

"Can I help you?" the young man asked.

"I'm looking for Cassie. Is she here?" Sheryl asked.

"She's in the emergency room. May I ask what you want to speak to her about?"

"Nothing urgent. I'm her friend and I just dropped by. It's okay. I can wait for her outside. Thanks," Sheryl smiled at the young man before she left the office.

When she was waiting, she called Nancy to inform her that she might be home a little bit late. She also talked with the children and asked them to behave themselves while she was out.

Sheryl expected that it might take Cassie a while before she could step out so she decided to watch a movie on her phone. After a while, she heard footsteps.

Sheryl looked up right away hoping it would be Cassie. However, she was surprised to find a young man who had a solemn look on his face.

'He doesn't look like a doctor here,' Sheryl thought, a bit curious. 'Is he family of some patient?' Sheryl shook her head and returned to watching her movie. It was none of her business anyway.

"Excuse me, is Cassie here?" the young man asked.

Sheryl looked up again, this time in surprise.

Why was he looking for Cassie too?

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