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   Chapter 1457 Leila Is Offended By Holley

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Leila's body went rigid at the mention of Melissa. She was a little embarrassed to tell Holley the truth.

She had already made contact with Melissa. The result was not satisfactory at all. Superficially, Leila had asked Melissa to help her with her financial dilemma, but in reality, she had wanted to take advantage of the meeting to have a progressive talk with Melissa, to repair the relationship between them. But Leila was repelled by her. Besides, Melissa even demanded that they stop contacting each other any further.

Telling Holley the truth about their meeting would mean admitting her failure. Her pride wouldn't allow it.

"It's just so-so. Why?" Leila replied, after some hesitation.

"If you want to be back in Dream Garden, you have to regain Melissa's trust. She is your only way in. With her help, it will be easier for you to go back and stay with the Lu family."

Secretly, Leila rolled her eyes and whined in her heart, 'Regain Melissa's trust? It's easier said than done. Why don't you help me repair my relationship with the old hag?'

The debit card seemed to have been the last thing Melissa was willing to give her as a genuine gesture of their friendship. Now that she had taken the money, they were even. Leila knew that Melissa was only willing to look out for herself. When Charles had demanded her to leave Dream Garden, Melissa didn't stand up for her. And because of that, she was now living this miserable life.

"How am I supposed to win back her trust? Do you have any bright idea? To be honest, Melissa and I had a falling out. We are not in a good place right now."

Holley was pissed. She inwardly cursed Leila and considered her an utter fool. Leila had stayed in the Lu family's house for quite a while, and should have had numerous opportunities to bring down Sheryl.

However, she wound up getting driven out of Dream Garden instead and even worse than that, she had completely lost Melissa's trust. Holley was tired just imagining what was going through Leila's mind. She remembered how Melissa had adored and trusted Leila back when she had first moved into the Lu family. Holley was rather disappointed by Leila's poor tactics. In her opinion, Leila's misery was no one's fault but hers. She was the only one to be blamed for her downfall.

Silently, Hol

cted the sun's sharp light. When the light flashed on Leila's face, she felt her heart shrink. Leila couldn't see through Holley's good intentions; she thought that Holley was deliberately showing off in front of her.

Leila bit her lips painfully and shook her head. She contained her anger and smiled, "No, thanks. I am heading to my store. So, if you'll excuse me, I should go now."

Leila walked away in the opposite direction. All that time, she didn't look back. She kept her eyes on the road.

Holley noticed that Leila had felt bad, but she didn't pay much attention to it. Watching Leila recede into the distance, she walked to her car and drove away.

At Lansh Technology

Nick was checking out some technical drawings on his computer. But his mind was elsewhere; he couldn't focus.

He was a workaholic, but now, he was being pulled back by sentiments and was unable to work as efficiently as he wanted. If his staff found out, it would be breaking news at the company.

"Oh God..." Nick sighed, frustrated with himself. The information on the computer failed to get through his head. At last, he gave up and moved away from the computer.

He jumped to his feet and walked towards the French window in his office. It was a clear day.

The sky was blue and the wind blew gently. He felt like he could almost smell the faint scent of the flowers outside.

He saw his reflection mirrored in the window glass, blurred and shadowy.

His eyes slowly widened

when he saw another blurry face emerge from behind him.

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