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   Chapter 1455 I Needed Time

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What Cora said was true. Back then, Cassie had never had a relationship. She was overprotective of herself. Whenever a man wanted to ask her out or talk to her, Cassie would act like a hedgehog, curling up into a spiky ball. Anyone who tried to get closer to Cassie would get hurt.

Soon, no one would even bother to ask Cassie out.

But Cassie changed when she met Nick. He was kind and innocent. Cassie finally let her guard down. And when they started dating, Cassie thought it would be her first and last relationship. She never thought that Nick would cheat on her.

Cassie smiled bitterly, "Cora, it's all over now. Why bring it up again?"

"I brought it up because I hope that you can get it together and stop punishing yourself for Nick. He's such an asshole and it isn't worth it."

"I would know whether or not it's worth it," Cassie replied indifferently.

"What about my brother?" Cora asked excitedly. "He loves you with his whole heart, Cassie. I have never seen him this obsessed with a woman before, never. At first, I didn't want him to chase after you. You're so innocent and kind and my brother is so scheming. You're so different that I didn't think you two would ever make a good match. But now I understand. I was wrong."

"What do you mean?" Cassie asked Cora.

"What I'm trying to say is that if a woman marries a man who doesn't love her, she won't live a happy life. However, if she marries someone who loves her so much even though she doesn't love him, she can still be happy. Cassie, I'm only saying this because you're my best friend. I don't want you to be upset. Trust me and believe yourself. You deserve to be happy. So leave Nick and forget about him

ssion?" Cora teased, playing dumb before putting on a huge smile. "Where's my limited edition Pooh Bear?"

"I know, I know. Here you are." Jordan was patient. He turned and grabbed a paper bag from the back of the car and handed it to Cora. "Is this what you want?"

Cora couldn't wait to open the bag. Inside was her dream Pooh Bear.

She was so happy!

"Jordan, thank you so much!" Cora squealed as she looked at Jordan.

Jordan felt a bit uneasy being stared at like that.

"So, about the mission?"

"Mission accomplished." Cora took out the bear as she said, "Actually, I didn't do this for the limited edition Pooh Bear. What you said really surprised me. I didn't ever think that Nick could possibly cheat on Cassie. It was sickening to think that he brought that woman in his house..."

Jordan narrowed his eyes and interrupted Cora, "You didn't tell Cassie who the woman was, did you? I asked you to tell Cassie that I bumped into her near Nick's house."

"Yeah, Jordan, relax. I didn't tell Cassie anything about the woman. I didn't want to upset her. Besides, Cassie wouldn't want me to know about that."

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