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   Chapter 1452 Leila's Future Plan

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The wooden chair moved slightly backward as Leila slumped in relief. Finally, she felt assured after she had received the money from Melissa. She'd made so many efforts to make it happen, and now it was done. The money could help her out of her current predicament of starvation and homelessness, which was a big relief.

Silence hung in the air while Melissa and Leila sat in the coffee shop. Something between them had changed as the air between them felt awkward. At that moment, Melissa decided to break the ice and talk about the Lu family's affairs. After all, they were still on the same side when it came to Sheryl.

"Oh my, Leila! Did you know, I've been isolated after you left our house! The bitch Sheryl had gone too far these days. She doesn't even show me, her mother-in-law, the slightest bit of respect. Can you imagine that! I'm so mad!" she complained.

There were so many complaints Melissa aired out that she couldn't even stop the words from pouring out of her mouth. She couldn't complain at home, since the servants were on Sheryl's side. They would never listen to her. What was worse was that they might tell on her to Charles, which would only make her son dislike her even more.

When she was out with other rich ladies, she wouldn't talk about her family affairs either because of her arrogance. If her friends knew that Sheryl had been stepping on her, they would simply despise her. No one sympathized with her.

However, Leila was different. She hated Sheryl as much as Melissa did. Thus, Melissa freely vented out her frustrations.

But to be honest, Leila also felt impatient as Melissa still sang the same old song. Then again, she couldn't show her real emotions in front of Melissa even if she repeated the old stories again and again.

"Oh my God! How dare she! I didn't know that she would get even more vicious. But Aunt Melissa, don't be mad. Your bad mood might affect your health. It's not worth to sacrifice your health for a woman like her. You can just neglect and ignore her," Leila consoled softly.

Her eyes looked at Melissa sincerely like she really meant what she said. Then, she pointed out how bad Sheryl had treated her in the past, and how she saw Sheryl's true colors. The two started to curse and badmouth Sheryl with the nastiest words.

Melissa felt much better when she vented out her anger and frustrations. She felt that somehow, the cu

e was in an unfamiliar place.

The things that happened last night flashed back in her mind. Cassie felt her heart shatter again.

She couldn't figure out why Nick had treated her like that! Why did he do that?

After a while, Cassie was pulled back to reality by her flowing tears. She wiped them dry and decided to let it go. Since Nick had fallen in love with someone else, Cassie wouldn't cling to him anymore.

She thought that it was time to let go and move forward. After all, she could still live a happy life and meet other nice guys without Nick.

However, love wasn't rational. She felt so much pain after she realized that she and Nick would be separated forever. Only time could take away her pain.

A few moments later, Cassie slowly got up from the bed. She was about to go to the bathroom and refresh herself when the doorbell rang.

'Who could that be?' Cassie thought. 'Is it the hotel staff?'

Cassie checked her dress before she answered the door. She wore a nightgown; it wasn't formal but it was appropriate enough. She headed towards the door and opened it.

A waiter stood outside and smiled at her.

"Good morning. Can I help you?" Cassie asked in mild surprise. "Good morning. This is the breakfast we have prepared for you. May I come in?" the waiter asked politely.

He showed her the trolley behind him, which smelled of delicious dishes. Cassie glanced at the trolley laden with food behind him, and couldn't help but feel warm.

The hotel service was better than she thought. She didn't ask for breakfast, but they initiated and brought it to her room.

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