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   Chapter 1451 Asking For Money

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Leila's expression was a mix of sentiment and happiness, as she pretended to pour her heart out to Melissa. To kindle Melissa's compassion, she deliberately made her lips to tremble and her voice turned into sobs.

Melissa couldn't help but sink into Leila's words. As she looked into her tear-filled eyes, Melissa started to feel what Leila was trying to make her feel. Just as Leila had said, back when they were in prison, she really had received much care and help from Leila.

Those memories softened Melissa's heart. Leila's red eyes made her feel sorry for her.

Clearly, Leila was in trouble and desperately needed her help. Melissa tried, but failed to harden her heart. When she had planned to meet Leila, Melissa had made up her mind to do nothing but pay a courtesy visit. As far as Melissa was concerned, this meeting was just a kind gesture. She had planned to listen to her sobbing stories, but had no intention of helping Leila with her issues. Helping Leila at such a moment was not wise. She didn't want to go looking for trouble.

But after hearing Leila's words, Melissa was confused. Leila had taken care of her in the past, and she couldn't just abandon her when she was in a dark place. She felt the sudden need to help her. When she saw that Melissa's determination was wavering, Leila knew that it was time to take full advantage.

Melissa's visibly moved countenance brought much comfort to Leila. Without wasting another second, Leila continued her bitter words. "Back in the days, we were in a terrible place in our lives. But every time I brought myself back up, and I could taste the trace of sweetness from those hard moments. I enjoyed the process of how we supported and helped each other. Those memories will continue to stay in my heart forever."

Melissa became more and more confused, and her mind was blurred, which made it impossible to see Leila's real intentions. Eventually, Melissa's heart softened and benevolence took over her.

"I won't forget those times either. You helped me so much. Without you, it would have been really hard for me to stay sane."

"Aunt Melissa, I know that it was rather inappropriate of me to contact you at such a time, but I have run out of options. If I had any other choice, I wouldn't have done such a stupid thing which would put you in trouble. I turned to you for help because I believed in our friendship. Since we have been through th

her head. She pushed back the card towards Melissa, as if she wasn't attracted by the card at all.

"Leila, stop it! Just take the card and resolve your problems. That's all I want right now. It's the least I can do for you," Melissa pressed Leila's hand and urged in a gentle tone.

Leila still showed her absolute rejection towards Melissa's good intention. Leila was planning to refuse the card until Melissa had no suspicion whatsoever about her intentions.

Now that Melissa had made up her mind to help Leila, she couldn't allow her to refuse. She put on a long face and glared at Leila angrily as she said, "Leila, don't you see me as your mother? Then, why are you acting like I am a stranger to you? Considering our close relationship, you don't have to worry about troubling me. I am willing to give you my money to support you. So, take this card. End of story!"

Without waiting for Leila's reply, Melissa quickly picked up the card and stuffed it into Leila's pocket.

Forcing a smile, Leila gave up declining her offer at last.

"Aunt Melissa, I will pay you back! I promise!" Leila swore as she looked into Melissa's eyes with a firm look. However, Melissa didn't take her words seriously.

In fact, she wasn't expecting to get it back. She knew Leila so well. Leila was the kind of woman who only knew how to take more, yet give so very little.

"That's not necessary! All I hope is that you can handle your current difficulties with this card. We can think of repayment later," Melissa said with a faint smile.

Tears rolled down Leila's cheeks as she nodded and thanked Melissa.

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