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   Chapter 1450 An Appointment

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"There is no need for that. Thank you," said Cassie. She figured that the receptionist had called only because Jordan had asked her to do so before leaving.

"All right, then. If you need anything, please tell us," said the receptionist.

"I will. Thank you,"

Cassie said and hung up. She felt something strange in her heart.

'Jordan does actually care about me. He really means it. Nick and I are pretty much done. Will it be hard on me if I start a new relationship right away?' Cassie thought to herself.

In Dream Garden

Melissa was having her morning tea and relaxing in the garden. She wanted to go to the beauty salon with some of her friends, but she didn't expect that Leila would pester her with calls so early in the morning.

She was annoyed. 'I don't know why she is calling me this time, but I know it's nothing good. I thought we had an agreement that we shouldn't be contacting each other since she left the Lu family. But she just doesn't learn,' Melissa thought to herself angrily.

She set her phone in silent mode and placed it on the table. She decided to ignore all the calls, so that Leila would understand and stop bothering her.

It was funny how sometimes people change their attitude overnight. Melissa used to adore Leila. She wanted to give the best of everything to Leila and Melissa just hated to see her get hurt.

But now, all that was gone. The fondness had disappeared. It was as if she never cared about Leila at all. She even treated Leila worse than how she treated strangers.

Her heart had changed so quickly.

Maybe it was just that Melissa never really loved anyone but herself from the beginning. She was nice to Leila only to satisfy her own desires and to meet her own goals.

Hence, the fondness that had come in like a tidal wave, had disappeared as fast as it had come.

Finally, after a while, Melissa's phone stopped vibrating. It was a relief because she thought that she didn't have to deal with Leila anymore. However, her phone screen lit up with a message notification.

The text message was from Leila. "Aunt Melissa, I'm at

rying to get more money than she doesn't deserve.

How could I have been so blind to choose an ally like her? She was never a competition for Sheryl. Oh my God. What was I thinking?

Looking closely now, she's not even half as pretty as Sheryl. No wonder Charles didn't give her a second look.

But all that doesn't matter anymore. She's useless now and she is a loser who is supposed to disappear forever. However, here we are. She still wants to extort money from me!'

Melissa regretted ever having formed an alliance with Leila. If she had had better ways other than joining hands with Leila at the time, she could have already kicked Sheryl out of the Lu family, and she would have long become the mistress of the Lu family.

Although she hated seeing Leila again, she put up a kind face and greeted her. "Leila, long time no see. How's everything going?" She acted so naturally that it seemed like Leila had not been kicked out of the Lu family and like they were still good friends.

Leila replied, "Hi, Aunt Melissa. We really haven't seen each other in such a long time. I've been missing you, and the time we spent together, no matter how good or bad it was. I also remember the time when we were in prison. I often finished your work first and then rushed to do my own work after that. At night, we provided strength to each other and we somehow managed to get through those miserable days."

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