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   Chapter 1449 I Am Doing Great

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Jordan stepped aside, making way for Cassie. "Cassie, you're hungry and tired. I am worried to let you go home by yourself. Will you let me drive you home?"

Jordan asked softly. He didn't want her to think that he was forcing her to do anything against her will.

But Cassie ignored him. Holding her head up, Cassie walked as fast as she could, hoping to get rid of the stalker behind her.

But Cassie could never outrun a car, however hard she tried.

Ten minutes later, Jordan was still driving behind Cassie. If Cassie sped up, so did Jordan. If she slowed down or stopped, he would do the same.

Cassie's mind kept shifting to what she had seen earlier. She was upset about Nick being with another woman. And now, Jordan was following her around and wouldn't leave. She was very annoyed and was about to take it all out on him.

She turned around and yelled at him, "What do you want from me? I don't like you. I hate you. Stay away from me!"

Jordan's face turned gloomy when he heard Cassie, but he maintained his composure.

"Cassie, I know that you are having a hard time. You can take it out on me. I don't mind." Jordan smiled at her.

Her wasn't understanding her and that made Cassie even madder.

She was just about to curse him when she suddenly felt very nauseous. The next second, she turned to the far side of the road and vomited.

Then she collapsed onto the ground.

"Cassie!" Jordan screamed as he hurried out of his car and rushed to Cassie. He pulled her into his arms.

"Cassie, what's wrong? Wake up!" Jordan looked in fear at his beloved woman.

Jordan was being too loud, so Cassie slowly opened her eyes.

"Hungry...I am hungry," she murmured drowsily. That was the only thing Cassie could manage to say as her stomach growled.

Jordan said anxiously, "A

as she looked out the window.

Jordan went directly to the reception of the hotel.

"Hi. I'd like you to please keep an eye on Room 1390. The guest in that room isn't feeling very well. It would be nice if you could send someone to check on her later."

"No problem, sir." The receptionist nodded to Jordan politely and asked, "You are not staying here, sir?"

"No. I've got some work to do." Jordan thanked the receptionist and left.

The receptionist watched Jordan walk out of the hotel. After giving it a thought, she picked up the phone and dialed the number for Room 1309.

Cassie was lost in thought when the telephone rang. She didn't answer it until a few seconds later.

"Hello? " said Cassie

"Is this Cassie? This is the reception. We just wanted to know how you were doing," the receptionist said politely.

'How I am doing? I'm doing great. Why would the receptionist ask me such a question?' Cassie was confused.

"Uh, thank you for asking. I'm doing good," Cassie answered anyway.

"I'm glad to hear that. Mr. Li, who was staying with you, asked us to check on you before he left. He said that you weren't feeling well. Cassie, are you sure you don't need a doctor?"

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