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   Chapter 1447 You Owe Me

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6194

Updated: 2019-08-29 14:37

Nick was in a dilemma. What if something happened to Lily if he left her alone? He was also worried that she might be sick because she had passed out all of a sudden.

And Cassie had already run away. Even if he were to chase after her, he probably wouldn't be able to catch up to her.

Nick didn't have much time to think it through. He pulled Lily into his arms and lay her on the sofa gently.

Inside the rental house, Leila sat on her worn-out bed, wondering what she should do next. After what had happened the other night, Leila couldn't dare go back to work in the nightclub. On one hand, she was worried that the mysterious man would show up again. On the other hand, she was afraid that the lascivious, rich boss would come back again to harass her.

Since she had lost her job, Leila had to spend the last few days in her shabby old rental house. Sunrays didn't reach her room, and the place smelled musty. Each second inside the room was torture for her.

But no job meant no money. What was left in Leila's bank account was the little amount Melissa had given her. But sooner or later that money would be depleted and Leila wouldn't have anything left. A few unemployed days later, Leila had used up all that money.

Standing in front of the ATM, Leila stared blankly at her zero balance account. She had no idea what to do next. How was she supposed to live without any money?

Leila was grumpy and she stood in front of the ATM for quite a while, absent-minded. She realized that she was at the end of her rope.

She took back her credit card from the machine, her hands shaking. At that moment, she felt weighed down by her fate. She never anticipated that her life would turn into such a mess. If she couldn't figure out a way to get some money soon, she would have to tighten her belt and starve.

But what could she do to

, Lily raised her head and said, "I'm full. Thank you, Nick." Lily shook the crumbs off her hand and wiped her mouth with a tissue.

Her behavior confused Nick.

She was upset and was begging him to let her stay only a few minutes back. The next thing he knew, she was smiling brightly at him, as if she had forgotten all about her problems.

'What is happening?' Nick wondered. Lily, however, had already grabbed her handbag and was walking towards the gate.

"Bye, Nick." Lily waved her hand at him, ready to leave.

"Wait!" Nick ran to her. When Lily looked at him in surprise, he asked anxiously, "Do you have a place to stay?"

Lily was moved by his words. His girlfriend had misunderstood him and was mad at him. He should have gone after her. Why was he here, caring for another woman?

Suddenly, she was filled with regret.

She would never have done such a thing to hurt Nick if she hadn't been in need of money.

But what was done could not be undone. And she had hurt him. There was no use crying over spilt milk.

She winked at him and teased, "Nick, are you asking me to stay?"

Nick felt embarrassed. He offered, "Let me at least find you a hotel so that you don't have to sleep out on the streets."

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