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   Chapter 1446 The Unexpected Visitor

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Lily was moved by Nick's words. 'Why didn't I get a chance to meet such a wonderful gentleman in the past?' she wondered.

To be honest, Nick's gesture had really touched her heart. For a woman like Lily who had been leading a nomadic life for so long, all she wanted was to have her own family and lead a steady life. Although Nick looked sincere but his eyes were bereft of any attachment or tenderness towards her. Nevertheless, Lily felt warm.

But the truth was that no matter how much she was touched by Nick's demeanor, she came to this place with a purpose and she had to complete the task.

"Nick, please let me stay here over tonight. I promise you that I'll leave at the daybreak tomorrow." Lily looked at Nick as she requested her eyes full of expectation. She was waiting for him to accept her request.

However, Nick shook his head and replied, "You really can't stay here. It's inappropriate." Nick looked extremely serious and his voice was stern when he uttered the last word. His intent and attitude were clear.

Lily was disappointed because she didn't expect this kind of sternness from Nick. Clearly, she understood that it would not be so easy to execute her plan. However, she felt less worried on second thought.

All she needed to do was spin out time till that woman showed up and let that woman see her stay with Nick. After all, she did not receive instruction to do anything with him, right?

When she thought about that, Lily pretended to nod her head in disappointment. "But Nick, I don't want to stay in the hotel by myself for so long. Can I stay here and talk to you for a while?" she asked.

Nick hesitated for a while. However, he felt relieved by the fact that she finally agreed to leave. He finally agreed to let her stay a little longer. What would the harm be if he allowed her to stay for a little longer?

So he nodded his head. "Well, you can watch TV in the living room. I have something important to deal with in the study."

Lily immediately replied, "Okay, okay. I won't disturb you. Please go ahead with your business."

After Nick walked into the study, Lily made herself comfortable in the living room and turned the TV on. However, she was growing restless in her mind. It was clear from her face that she was absent-minded. Intermittently, she kept glancing at the door and rover her eyes to check whether Nick had found out about her real intention.

Nick, however, didn't come out since he walked into the study. Lily was getting continually anxious as she watched the time passing second by second. She wondered if at all that woman would even show up. But her employer had told

with all her might, trying to stop herself from falling apart. However, the desperate look in her eyes did not fail to reveal the condition of her heart.

Nick waited for a while and when he didn't get any answer from Lily and hadn't even seen anyone coming in, he decided to check by himself. When he was approaching the door, he halted at the very sight of Cassie. His brows knitted in a tight frown and doubts on his face.

'Cassie? What is she doing here?' Nick thought perplexed at this surprise visit.

The next moment, as he lifted his foot to approach the door, Cassie cast a glance at him coldly before she turned around to walk away.

"Wait!" Nick shouted instinctively as he marked the look on Cassie's face, the sorrow in her eyes that revealed her wounded heart.

But Cassie literally turned deaf ears to him. She turned around holding the thermos tighter, somehow managed to pull her act together and walked to another direction.

Nick immediately hastened to chase after her. But as soon as he reached the door, Lily suddenly stopped him with her body and threw herself to him.

"Oh, no! I feel so dizzy, so dizzy..." Lily cried out, her voice dripping from a loud cry to a faint mumble as she fainted and fell into Nick's arms, unconsciously.

Nick suddenly found himself caught in this unprecedented accident not knowing which way to go. The moment he tried to push Lily back, he realized that her body lay in his arm, limp, with her eyes closed.

What... What had happened all of a sudden? It left Nick in an exasperated state and he cried out, "Lily, wake up! Wake up!" Nick looked to the door with anxious eyes. Cassie had disappeared. He started to call Lily's name lightly.

But Lily lay still. She had lost her consciousness.

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