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   Chapter 1445 What's Your Name

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Leila swore to herself that one day she would get back at Sheryl for all that she had gone through because of Sheryl. The image of Sheryl begging for her mercy excited her to no end.

As long as Leila was alive, she would try her best to get her revenge on Sheryl. She wouldn't stop until she got it.

She also wanted to get her revenge on Melissa. If it wasn't for Leila, Melissa would never have survived prison. Melissa wouldn't have the extravagant life she had now if it wasn't for Leila.

Melissa should be grateful towards Leila. However when Leila got kicked out, Melissa didn't even bother to visit her or even ask her how she was doing. All Melissa did was say sorry for Leila's condition but she never offered Leila any help.

Leila didn't need Melissa's sympathy. She wanted to confront Melissa and tell Melissa that she knew she was lying.

If Leila could turn back time, she never would have helped Melissa in prison. If she never helped Melissa, then Melissa would have never gotten her into trouble in the first place.

Leila wished that Sheryl and Melissa could pay the price for what they did to her. One day, she was going to make that happen.

Leila, lost in thought, sat on her bed until almost midnight. She didn't even feel sleepy.

Leila already had dark circles under her eyes and she looked very pale all because she had been staying up late. She looked like a ghost. If anyone could see her right now, they would get scared of Leila.

In a villa in the suburbs, someone was knocking on the door. However, it was too dark to tell who it was. A few moments later, the visitor was let in by a servant. The man nodded at the servant and followed him inside.

He followed quietly. His footsteps made no sound as he trotted along the carpet.

In the living room, a tall woman stood wit

ily got excited. She figured Nick would let her stay in his house tonight. As long as she accomplished her mission, she could get the money and she could do whatever she wanted with it. She could send her son to a nice school. She could finally give her son a good education.

As Lily thought of this, she patted herself on the back for taking the job.

"So you're letting me stay?" Lily asked excitedly. She stood up and walked towards him.

Nick took a step back out of instinct but the door was behind him. He sighed before he closed the door to his bedroom. Then he looked around and sat down on the chair next to the table.

"I don't even know your name. What is it?" Nick tried his best to sound calm.

"You can call me Lily. What about you? What's your name?" Lily sat down next to Nick and stared at him.

Nick felt very uncomfortable since he had never been this close with a woman. So he shifted before he answered, "Lily, you can call me Nick. I live by myself in this house. I don't think it's a good idea for you to stay here. What about I find you a nice hotel? I can pay for your room for one week. During this week, you can think about how to solve your problems. How do you feel about that?"

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