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   Chapter 1444 Her Illusion

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To her surprise, Lily wasn't allowed to get near Nick again. She approached him and before she could even touch his body, she was already being pushed away. In fact, she was pushed away so hard that she almost fell. She stared back at him in disbelief.

"Get out!" were the words that she heard next. Nick covered his head with his hands as if he was through something miserable.

Lily was taken aback, but she would never leave like that. This was her job and she couldn't afford to lose it.

"Oh, please sir! You'll enjoy my companion. How about I help you with your bath?" Lily whispered in a seductive tone.

She was confident with her skills. She'd worked in this industry for years so she knew what her clients couldn't resist. She put on her best smile and leaned against him.

But not this time—it didn't work at all. Nick didn't even look at her. He got up from the bathtub and walked out of the bathroom, not caring that he was butt naked. Lily was flushing.

This sudden movement splashed water all over her face. She wiped it off, stood up, and followed him out of the bathroom.

"You'd better leave my house right now. Or I'll call the police," Nick said coldly as he took a bathrobe and put it on, still averting his eyes from her.

"You want me to leave?" Lily asked, eyes widened. This was the first ever that a man had asked her to leave.

She had arrived here by herself and here he was, asking her to leave already. This had never happened before.

There must be something wrong. Was the man in front of her not interested in women? Only then would she understand.

Lily redirected her frustration towards the man who had paid her to come here in the first place. If she was right, Nick wouldn't even look at her even if she stripped naked in front of him. All he would feel was disgust.

Nick didn't even give her time to hesitate. He walked to the door and pulled it open, instructing her to leave.

"Get out!" he said impatiently.

Lily looked at the open door and then icily fixed her eyes on Nick. Suddenly, she squatted down, covered her face with her hands, and cried.

"No, I won't leave! Please let me stay here. I have nowhere to go!" she sobbe

e was sobbing.

All the pain and suffering had suddenly crept up to her and she felt like she was drowning.

She blamed God for not treating her fairly. How come other people get to live a happy life and spend it with their loved ones while she had to go through all of these alone?

Every time she thought things were looking up for her, things would turn sour. It just kept happening over and over again. She felt helpless and she thought there was no way out of her.

She had spent years in prison and her life there made her want to die. When she was finally able to move back into the Lu family's house, she thought she could stay there and live a fairly decent life. She thought her life was finally turning around.

But it didn't turn out that way. It was all an illusion. Here she was all alone.

She was nowhere near living the life she had so desperately wanted. The man she had loved was the one who threw her out in the first place. Just remembering his face pricked her cold and fragile heart.

No one was to blame here but that stupid bitch, Sheryl Xia. If it hadn't been for her, she'd have been living a decent life in the Lu family's house.

The more Leila dwelled on it, the more frustrated she felt. Her resentment for Sheryl just grew and grew like a flame being fanned. If she was going down, she sure as well was taking Sheryl down with her.

Leila gritted her teeth bitterly. She was never going to let Sheryl live a happy life.

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