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   Chapter 1442 A Fever

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"Leila," the manager called as soon as Leila's hand reached the door handle. It appeared like she was about to say something, but finally she didn't. When Leila looked at her doubtfully, she waved her hands and asked her to leave.

The manager kneaded her forehead. She felt so worried about Leila. She didn't know what that client would do to Leila that night, but she knew that he wouldn't go easy on her and that Leila was not going to be happy about it.

Colorful ray of lights alternately beamed from the center of the dark club. On the dance floor, people were dancing like crazy. They were shaking their bodies and dancing to the rhythm of music, like there was nothing they would worry about at all. Everyone was into the loud upbeat music and the dance.

Leila was sitting in a VIP room in the nightclub. From time to time, she lifted the curtain to watch the people on the dance floor. She had an urge to run out of the room to join all those people in venting all their stress on the dance floor.

But when she thought about the person who was sitting next to her, she could do nothing but to suppress that urge. This man, who was sitting beside her, had his hand moving all over her body.

This client of Leila was an upstart who had a lot of money. He attempted to take Leila to a hotel the other day, but Leila refused. Every time he called Leila to accompany him, she felt it was so difficult to deal with him.

And at that night, that client asked Leila again to get out of the nightclub and go to a hotel with him. "Leila, how about you go with me tonight? And we will have some real fun together."

Leila managed a smile, looking embarrassed. "Conan, you know about me. I don't get fun out of the nightclub. I only serve you with my accompany in the nightclub. I can talk to you and drink with you, but I'm not coming home with you," Leila refused.

Conan came closer to Leila and whispered a high price in her ear. He knew that the price he gave was quite impressive, so he was confident that it would make her change her mind.

'She works in this nightclub simply because she needs money. So money is all I need to convince her. It's that simple. If she is clever, she will say yes, ' Conan thought.

However, contrary to his expectation, Leila refused again. And that made him angry. He felt that Leila was not giving him face, so h

thought that if he died now, it wouldn't be that bad after all.

In the middle of this crisis, Cassie appeared in his mind all of a sudden. Although his mind was in a haze, he clearly remembered the first time he met Cassie in a hospital room.

Cassie's smile and laughter, her happiness and anger, and all of her emotions were clearly exhibited in his head. In that moment, he deeply realized the fact that he couldn't forget Cassie, nor everything that had happened between them.

"Cassie..." Nick mumbled in a low voice. It was no use. She wouldn't hear her.

He felt that his lips were so dry when he spoke. "Water. I want water," he pleaded.

However, he was too weak to get up, let alone get water to drink.

Just when he thought he was going to die of thirst or fever, he heard his bedroom door open. He wanted to open his eyes to see who came in, but his vision failed him. He tried to squint twice.

At last, before he lost his consciousness, he saw a person walking towards him. He tried to focus on the silhouette to figure out who it was, but his eyelids were so heavy that it only took a few seconds before they shut closed as he fainted.

The person was already beside his bed when he passed out. The sexy woman in a hot dress stopped as she saw him close his eyes.

'Did he just faint? Or is he dead?' the woman asked herself anxiously. She stood in front of Nick, with fear on her face.

'Oh, my God! Is he dead? I am not going to accept this cursed mission. They didn't tell me that this man was going to die!' the woman thought to herself.

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