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   Chapter 1441 A Lesson

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When Leila walked into the dressing room, she heard about the gossip. But instead of feeling embarrassed and walking away, she pushed the door open and stepped inside. The women inside were surprised to see her. They looked at her, speechless and awkward. Leila pretended that she didn't hear them, but in reality, she wanted to laugh.

She found it funny that all these woman knew were to gossip about her behind her back. They felt jealous about the fact that Leila did so much better than any of them in such a short time. She, however, didn't give a damn about their thoughts. Deep down, she looked down upon them. Although they were working in the same place, somehow Leila felt that she was different.

Leila believed that she wouldn't stay here forever. This setup was just temporary.

Other women felt embarrassed when Leila caught them gossiping about her. But as they saw Leila acting so indifferent, not even feeling angry at all, they were further infuriated. Leila being so aloof made them want to tear her apart.

Annoyed, the woman with a heavy makeup walked towards Leila and intentionally bumped into her. Leila exclaimed as she felt a great pain from her shoulder. She rubbed her shoulder and lifted her head, glaring at the woman.

"What? What are you staring at?" the woman asked in an angry tone as she rolled her eyes, obviously, asking for trouble.

"A blind woman wants to make a scene. Why can't I take a look?" Leila talked back furiously. Her face blushed as blood rushed to her head, which made her more attractive.

"Who are you talking about?"

The tension between them rose, but no one in the room wanted to step in and stop them. Instead, they just crossed their arms and stood aside, looking forward to a huge fight.

"I'm talking about you. Why else would you bump into me if you're not blind?" Leila shot an unconcerned glance at the woman, like she was a piece of trash.

The woman was already furious at Leila's behavior. And what Leila

d chains, definitely a new money.

And this guest had a thing for Leila. He asked about her so many times. And every night he came, he kept asking Leila out, but she rejected him each time. According to their rules in the night club, the manager would need to stop the guests from forcing their ladies to go out. This decision was totally up to the ladies.

One night, Leila rejected this guest again and he walked out of the club, his eyes filled with desire. He looked determined. The manager noticed that and based from experience, she knew that something was going to happen. And she was right. The guest came back tonight and he seemed fully prepared and determined to get Leila laid, even bringing in a few subordinates with him.

She was actually looking for Leila to give her a heads-up, which was why her feet took her to the dressing room. But seeing her now with that arrogance, the manager changed her mind. She was annoyed that Leila was not taking her seriously.

The manager decided to teach Leila a lesson so she would learn how to behave in the future.

When everything was settled, the manager urged everyone in the dressing room to go out. The guests were already waiting for them. The club didn't hire the ladies to gossip in the dressing room. Leila followed the other girls and walked out too.

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