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   Chapter 1440 Her Bottom Line

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However, Cora wanted to get to the bottom of this. She kept asking Cassie who it was.

After beating around the bushes for too long, Cassie ran out of excuses and had to tell Cora the truth.

"Well, I'm seeing Nick tonight."

"Whoa, I see. It's that mysterious Nick. When am I going to meet him?"

Cassie answered shyly, "He's a little introvert. So he doesn't know how to interact with people."

"Well, I am your best friend. It's only right for me to meet your boyfriend. Come on, Cassie. I want to meet him," Cora teased Cassie. She was excited that Cassie seemed happy with Nick, although she felt sorry for her brother, knowing that Jordan was out of the game.

"Okay, I will let you two meet when he's not so busy." Cassie finally gave in. She knew that Cora wouldn't just stop until she said yes anyway.

Actually, Cassie herself wasn't sure whether Nick would agree to meet Cora. After all, she couldn't see Nick now.

After leaving the hospital, Cassie decided to drop by the supermarket to buy some fresh vegetables for tonight's soup.

Although she was exhausted from all day's work, Cassie didn't bother about buying ingredients and cooking when she got home. She was happy that she could see Nick soon and they might even resolve all conflicts between them. She wanted to continuously practice on her cooking skills so that she could prepare a wonderful meal for Nick when that day came.

Therefore, no matter how tired she was, it would be worth it.

On the other hand, Cora went straight home after work. Pushing the door open, Cora found it odd.

She was confused to find the living room so dark. Reaching out to the switch, she flicked it on. Cora almost had a heart attack when she saw a person seated on the sofa.

'What the heck? Someone is at home!' she thought. She was not expecting to see anyone. She thought that her parents were out and her brother hadn't come home yet.

"Jordan, why didn't you turn on the light? What were you doing sitting in the dark? You scared me." Cora immediately recognized her brother, Jordan. She placed her bag on top of the table, walked towards him, and then sat down right beside him.

Jordan remained silent, unmoving.

Cora looked at him with confusion, noticing that his face was gloomy.

'Is it a

rink with guests when necessary. Men loved to spend time with Leila.

But Leila had her bottom line. She wouldn't go out and spend the night with any guest. She had numerous offers but declined them all. The more adamant she was, the more assertive the guests were to get her laid. Perhaps it was because she appeared as a challenge and men always loved to conquer challenges.

No matter how much money they gave her or what they said, Leila would reject them. Every time a guest wanted to ask her out, she could always find an excuse and get away with it.

Like any other places, the dressing room was a place of gossips.

It was not the first time that the other women working in the night club kept gossiping about Leila. "Leila is such a bitch. We all know what kind of person she is. Otherwise, she won't be working here. Now she is playing hard to get, acting all classy. She really makes me sick."

No one could deny that since Leila started working in the night club, her service was noted as the highest which made other women jealous. Her popularity rose high like a rocket, and women would vent their spleen by gossiping about her whenever they got the chance.

"Tell me about it. She really disgusts me, especially when I see her rejecting all those men. Come on, I know how much she wants their money," another woman commented.

It was fair to say that what Leila did would surely cause jealousy and rumors. Whenever there were people, there would surely be gossip. A night club was no exception.

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