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   Chapter 1439 A Date

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She thought about a lot of things that night—things about her past and things about her future. She couldn't bear to live a life like that and she didn't want to stay in that shabby place every day. So that, she needed to think of a way to get herself out of that kind of life.

'But what can I do?' she asked herself but failed to get an answer.

These questions kept her awake. She didn't get to sleep until the sun was about to rise. The phone beside her pillow let out a weak light, which disappeared as the sun shone into her room.

But she didn't sleep for so long. She was soon woken up by the noise outside of her window. It was the old people who lived nearby getting up to exercise. She didn't like that she was woken up after having slept so little so she threw her pillow off the bed and decided to get up, clearly angry.

At the prison

Leila went to visit Jim like she promised. As she expected, she didn't quite enjoy the visit. The minute they saw each other, they scowled at one another.

"Why did you ask me to come? What do you want?" Leila asked. She was talking with Jim through a phone, and there was glass between them.

"I'm having a hard time here. I get beaten up all the time for no reason. I'd like you to pay off the prison guards and ask them to be nice to me and make my life in here easier," Jim said.

However, Leila didn't give a damn about Jim getting beaten up. She thought Jim must be insane to call her for help. 'I'll be the first person to celebrate his suffering. What's wrong with him? Why would he think I'd be willing to help him?' Leila thought to herself.

She scowled on him inside, 'Has he forgotten all of the things that he did to me?' She looked at him in disgust.

"I have no money," she said as she shrugged her shoulders, like she was helpless and couldn't do anything at all.

She really didn't have any money. When she left the Lu family, Melissa gave her a credit card. When she checked the amount in it, she saw that there was very little money in it just enough to rent her the small, shabby room she was staying in.

Although she had some of her

or Cassie. Cora really was a true friend which was exactly why Cassie wasn't planning on telling her the truth. Cassie thought that was the best thing to do as she didn't want to lose Cora and she didn't want to put Cora in a difficult situation either.

"I'm okay, Cora. I'm fine. I'm just a little tired. Maybe, I just need some sleep," Cassie said, trying her best to cover up the real reason.

Cora didn't seem to be suspicious. She'd let it go and said instead, "Cassie, how about we have dinner tonight?"

Cassie's face shifted when Cora mentioned dinner. Something triggered her.

Recently, every time she had dinner with Cora, she'd always see Jordan too. And she certainly didn't want that.

So, the dinner which was supposed to be a pleasant bonding time with Cora turned into an awkward situation with Jordan around.

Cassie didn't want that, but she didn't want to hurt Cora either.

"Cora, I'm not free tonight. How about..."

Cora interrupted her, "Who? Why are you being so mysterious? Where are you going tonight? Who are you going to meet?" Cora put on a knowing smile.

Cassie decided to go along with it. She put on a bashful smile and lowered her head to lead Cora to believe that she really was going on a date.

She wanted Cora to think that she really was going on a date that night. She hoped that Cora would tell Jordan and Jordan would stop chasing her and leave her alone.

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