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   Chapter 1438 I'd Rather Be Dead

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After listening to Felix's explanation through the phone, Leila realized that all pieces of evidence were destroyed. This information left her feeling relieved.

"All right. You've done very well," Leila said. Deep down, regret was eating her. She was disappointed for not being able to kill Sheryl successfully. But she consoled herself thinking they were lucky for not being in trouble. If things went well, then she might get another chance to take revenge in the future. This hopeful thought lifted her spirit. Just when she was calm, Felix began to speak.

"Now it is time to talk about my payment. I know we didn't succeed in this mission, but you have to remember that I put myself in such a huge risk. Don't you think I deserve a reward for it?" he demanded. There was a tone of authority in his voice.

Leila felt anger surge through her body as she heard his words. Her face distorted and depicted the disgust she was feeling inside. 'Look at his audacity! After everything he has done, he dares to ask me for the payment. He screwed everything up and had us all worried. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have had to go through such a big risk, ' Leila thought to herself.

'If it was up to me, I wouldn't pay him a penny!' her mind screamed.

However, she didn't want to make Felix angry at that moment, so she said, "I know that you've handled a lot of stress throughout this mission. However, business is business. You didn't give me what I wanted. Instead, you created a mess. Do you actually think you deserve the money you asked for?"

Felix couldn't believe his own ears. 'So I won't be paid? Is she trying to imply that all my efforts have gone in vain?' he wondered anxiously. He couldn't bear this thought anymore.

"Leila, you are crossing your line! I took up a job in which I could have gotten myself killed! Don't expect a free service from me!"

Felix roared through the phone.

"Calm down, Felix. Don't jump to conclusions now. How about we both step back a little? I will pay you but only half of what was promised. How do you feel about it?" Leila reasoned calmly.

At this crucial moment, Leila couldn't afford to take any risks. If she continued to argue, Felix could betray her. Therefore, her only option was to comfort him.

Felix, on the other hand, realized that if he insisted on getting all the money, he might end up getting not

m had no desire of seeing her. He called her only because he had no other options. She brought him nothing but humiliation.

However, desperate times call for desperate measures. He was brutally bullied and humiliated in the prison. At the beginning, he tolerated it all, hoping it would stop. Unfortunately, it became even more serious. He had tried various methods to escape it, but nothing seemed to work. And then it had reached a point where he couldn't bear this anymore.

As a last resort, he decided to take Leila's help to get out of this misery.

On the other end of the line, Leila wasn't giving a response. Anxiety clutched him and he said, "Leila, are you listening to me? You have to come and meet me immediately."

'In spite of being in prison, he is speaking like he has the upper hand here, ' Leila thought with fury. Now she felt no pity for him. Instead, she wanted to sneer at him in person.

"Alright, I will meet you tomorrow morning," she answered in a nonchalant tone. Without bothering to hear his reply, she hung up the phone.

After Jim got her answer, relief washed over him. In the prison, they were allotted only five minutes to use the phone. Hence he had to rush aswell. Under the watch of the prison guards, he took slow steps towards his cell. It seemed like he was dragging his legs.

Just the mere thought of being beaten up again made him want to halt. He prayed that the trip back to his cell could be longer.

Leila, on the other hand, laid in the bed, but sleep wouldn't come to her. She stared at the ceiling, lost in her thoughts.

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