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   Chapter 1437 Got Along With Each Other

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Charles did his best to comfort Sheryl. "It's okay, Sher. It's all over now. Stop thinking about it. What you need right now is rest. Lillian's dead and Leila isn't staying with us anymore. You're home now and we can live our lives peacefully from now on."

This eased Sheryl's worries. She gathered herself and said, "You're right, Charles. Lillian's gone now. She has paid for her actions and I don't have to worry about anything anymore."

"Let's go home first. Clark and Shirley are waiting for us at home."

Sheryl couldn't help but smile when she thought about Clark and Shirley. And she couldn't wait to rush back home now.

Charles felt relieved when he saw the smile on Sheryl's face. They left the police station and got into their car.

Charles drove Sheryl to the Dream Garden and

parked the car in the garage. Hearing the car engine, Clark and Shirley rushed to the door, hand in hand, to welcome Charles and Sheryl. They jumped into Sheryl's arms, grinning from ear to ear. Sheryl held their hands and walked inside.

"Mom, you're finally home! I missed you," Shirley said cheerfully.

Clark nodded his head repeatedly as if affirming what Shirley had said.

Sheryl and Charles burst into laughter.

"Did you two miss me?" Sheryl squatted to her knees so that she could look into their eyes.


"We missed you so much!"

Clark and Shirley answered immediately.

"Mom, I miss you so much. I miss you this much." Shirley drew a big circle in the air.

"Mom, I miss you too. I couldn't even eat when you were gone." Clark wasn't always like this. He used to shy away from expressing his emotions but here he was openly declaring what he was feeling.

"That's not cool, Clark. No matter what happens, we should alwa

gleefully as if they hadn't just gone through so many things the past few weeks.

Nancy was delighted at the sight of this. She took a step towards them and said, "Alright, everybody, dinner's ready. Let's get moving. Wash your hands and come to the dining table."

Sheryl breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Nancy. She didn't want to deal with Melissa anymore. She felt that if she had to fake being nice to Melissa for a minute longer, she would lose all her appetite.

"Nancy's right. Let's get moving, everybody. Go wash your hands and head to the dining table," Charles said as he took Clark and Shirley to wash their hands.

A few seconds later, the two kids ran back to Sheryl, laughing. Shirley put her hands in Sheryl's face and asked, "Mom, what do I smell like? Do I smell sweet?"

Sheryl burst into laughter and said, "Yes, you smell sweet, princess."

Shirley grinned. She urged Sheryl to wash her own hands too. "Mom, you should wash your hands too! You're the queen of sweet! I'm just the princess."

Everyone else was amused as they all took a seat around the dining table to have dinner.

Meanwhile, Leila's phone was ringing. It was Felix.

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