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   Chapter 1433 Asking For A Favor

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Suddenly, Leila's face turned red with shame and her blood seemed to rush to her head all at once. If it weren't for her needing to ask for something from Holley, she wouldn't have been there, damaging all semblance of self-respect. Having to ask a favor from Holley in such a way was too shameful for her.

"Miss Ye, I know that I have nothing now and that I can't repay you right away. But you didn't help me out of sympathy or friendship, did you?" Leila asked in return. Not wanting to seem so lowly in front of Holley, she decided to ask the question directly.

With a smile at Leila's question, Holley said, "Miss Zhang, you don't mind being frank, do you? Let's stop beating around the bush, then."

"Alright, Miss Ye. Go on," Leila agreed, letting herself calm down after seeing Holley's reaction. Given the way she responded, it would seem that Holley still found her useful. So long as she held value in Holley's eyes, she would have enough hope to satisfy her deepest desires.

"I know about your current situation. If you need help, feel free to ask me for it," Holley said, void of any emotion. Then, she turned to look at Leila.

With such a stare, Leila felt a chill run up her spine.

"I appreciate your kindness. But I know there's no such thing as a free lunch in this world. What do you want me to do in return?"

Leila managed a smile as she asked.

Slowly, Holley stood up and walked toward Leila to grab her hands and put them into her own—she examined her hands carefully as if they were some precious treasure. "Let's see. How beautiful and soft these hands are! They feel like silk. It's a pity that Charles can't see it. He put such a beautiful woman aside. He must be blind."

Holley's words were puzzling. 'What does she want to say? Why won't she come out with it? What on earth is she doing?' Leila asked herself.

"Men, huh? They all chase after wildflowers even when they've already got a garden of flowers in their own houses. You've been right under Charles' nose for such a long time. Do you really think he never grew any feelings for you in that time?" The question came suddenly.

'What is she trying to say?' Leila asked herself, taken aback by the sudden shift in topi

e made her feel safe enough to let go of any burden weighing down on her.

Using all fours, she got off the sofa in a hurry. Probably because she had been sitting there for too long, she felt as though her body was paralyzed, unable to move properly.

The knocking went on and Lillian continued to grow anxious, afraid that Felix would leave after getting no response. With all her strength, she managed to get up, waiting for the paralysis to wear off.

As Felix knocked for quite some time, he realized Lillian wasn't coming to get the door for him. Peering into the slit between the door and frame, he found that it was dark inside.

It was quite a surprise to him. 'Lillian wasn't waiting for me at home?' he asked himself. 'It's impossible. If she isn't here, then where could she be? I have no idea. If I can't find her soon, all my plans for today will have been in vain.'

With that thought, he gradually stopped knocking.

At that moment, Lillian walked to the door with heavy steps before slowly opening the door.

Suddenly, all his tension faded away. 'It's such a relief she's here. If we don't make the move tonight, there's no telling what could happen,' he thought to himself as he watched the door open.

The moment Lillian saw Felix's face, tears began rolling down her cheeks—she couldn't endure the anxiety and tension in her heart any longer and went for a hug.

Felix patted Lillian's shoulder, and the atmosphere suddenly turned warm and loving.

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