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   Chapter 1432 How Do You Repay

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The night seemed endless for Lillian. Everywhere she looked, she saw horrors and despair. They were like huge hurricanes leaving her no space to breathe.

Curling up like an animal in a cage, she gathered all her strength to fight her despair.

Going back to all the events that happened, she thought of the worst possible consequence she would ever receive. 'If Felix sees me as useless and doesn't need me anymore, he will abandon me for sure. If that happens, I will have to save myself. I can't just sit here and do nothing. I don't want to die.'

Lillian continued to contemplate her next moves. 'The best way to get out of this situation is to escape. I should go to a place where no one knows me. I can go abroad. That will be a brand new life for me. I can start all over again.'

But, a side of her still wanted to wait for Felix. 'What if Felix has thought of a better solution?'

If there would be another way out, she would take that risk. Deep inside her, she never wanted to run away. For if she did, she would live under an assumed name—take another identity. That would mean hiding for the rest of her life. The worst of it, she would never see Felix again.

If so, she would lose the true meaning of her life again. She didn't want to live without the person she truly loved.

Then, her eyes shifted to the door. She had been waiting for quite a long time now. Unfortunately, nothing could be heard at the other side of the door.

Slowly, the hope in her eyes faded away, little by little, until everything was gone like a fire extinguished.

Meanwhile, in the alley behind the hospital, a shadow could be seen sneaking out of the hospital in the darkness.

In the corner was a garbage bin. Standing beside it was a woman covered all over in black. Her long hair was hidden under a cap, and her face was under a big pair of sunglasses. If anyone saw her, one would think her attire was inappropriate in the middle of the night.

When Felix walked pass by the woman, he heard his name called out softly.

The mysterious woman tried to put up with the disgusting smell from the garbage. She had been waiting for Felix for a long time. Finally, the guy already got off work and arrived there in the alley

e second most beautiful rich goddess after Rachel. With the recent events, it was obvious that Holley was much better than Rachel in most aspects. For if not, Rachel should have been on the top position of Tarsan Corporation.

There was another reason why Leila paid Holley a special attention. Holley was Sheryl's number one nemesis. It was rumored that Sheryl did not go where Holley was, and vice versa.

And because she couldn't go near the Lu family anymore because of Sheryl, she could rely on Holley for the time being. She believed that Holley wouldn't turn down a sincere request once asked.

Leila walked towards Holley and stopped behind her. "Thank you, Miss Ye, for saving me tonight."

However, Holley didn't answer. She didn't even turn to look at her. She was only focused on the makeup application on her face.

For the first time, Leila felt a little awkward. Ever since she got out of prison, she relied on Melissa. And because she was always protected by Melissa, she never experienced such treatment.

Therefore, she didn't feel happy about it. But since she was living in Holley's house, she had to endure Holley's attitude. Smiling, Leila continued, "Miss Ye, I do not know how to repay you for the things you've done for me tonight."

After hearing her words of repayment, Holley finally stopped for a brief second. She turned around very slowly and smiled at Leila.

"What would you pay me since you've got nothing?" Holley asked in an emotionless voice.

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