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   Chapter 1431 Felix's Decision

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Felix took several deep breaths, trying to make himself calm down. When his voice finally stopped trembling, he said to Leila, "I can't do this. I can't kill Lillian. It's too risky. We have to think of another way."

Despite this, Felix knew that they had no other option. It seemed as if this was the only way to save himself—to kill Lillian and cover his tracks.

This made him desperate. Felix closed his eyes feeling everything close in on him.

"Don't be so stupid! We don't have any other choice left! Are you forgetting that it was you who prescribed the poisonous medicine? That's already a crime in itself! You could go to prison! Do you really think you can get away with that if Lillian is caught? The right thing to do is to get rid of her. Only the dead can keep secrets," Leila said harshly.

Felix knew that Leila was right but he just couldn't accept the reality that he would kill Leila with his own two hands. He just wanted to convince himself that the whole situation wasn't that serious and that there was still hope.

However when Leila put it like that, he just couldn't convince himself any longer, and it made him tremble with fear.

He still wasn't sure if he could do it—kill Lillian. He kept thinking about it over and over again.

"Maybe... maybe there's another way," Felix murmured.

Felix's hesitance enraged Leila even more.

"Do you think Lillian isn't going to tell on you if she gets caught by the police? In your dreams! Everyone's just out to look for themselves. When it comes down to it, people are always going to choose themselves. I'm sure that the first thing Lillian's going to do when she gets caught is tell on you! Even w

e she was afraid it was Sheryl or the police calling. She just waited until her phone stopped ringing.

She knew that all her actions towards Sheryl were unforgivable, and she didn't want to face the consequences. As she recalled Sheryl's warm smile, she felt relieved that she wasn't able to push through with the plan.

She knew that she didn't want the beautiful and kind Sheryl to die.

However, even if she felt this way, there was no denying the fact that it was still attempted murder.

Sometimes, she doubted whether all her efforts were worth it for someone like Felix. She didn't know the answer like so many other unexplained questions in the world.

One of these unexplained questions was why she loved Felix so much even if she knew that he wasn't exactly a good guy who didn't deserve her love and affection.

But this was love—inevitable and mysterious.

Lillian sat on the sofa day in and day out. When night came, darkness filled the entire room.

The curtains were kept close so that no light at all could pass through. She isolated herself—forgetting to eat or sleep. She was going crazy.

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