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   Chapter 1430 No Other Choice

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With a deep sigh, Black patted Holley's shoulders to comfort her. Despite his fury, he calmed himself down and sincerely said, "Don't worry, Holley. I won't let this pass. I'll make him pay double what he had done to do! Trust me!"

"You will do that? You're so sweet, Black! It's nice to have you around," said Holley gently with a sweet smile and rested her head on Black's shoulder intimately. She was lucky to have this kind of guy with her, who was willing to push all his might for her.

"Goose! You should be used to it! I am your boyfriend. It's my job to take care of you!" Black whispered into her ear. As she heard Black's sweet comment, it made Holley get goose bumps. He cracked a silly smile and pinched her nose as if she was a little girl who just lost her favorite doll. Feeling warm, Holley flashed a shy smile and diverted her gaze elsewhere.

While in the back seat, Leila turned her head away from them with a hint of desolation in her eyes. A drop of tear welled up in her eye and fell down along her cheek like a crystal. She wondered whether she would have this moment her entire life. The man she loved and she racked her brain to be together with had never talked with or looked at her like that. Jealousy and regret were only she felt this time.

An unspeakable sorrow was rising from the bottom of her heart.

But Leila had to suffer another mishap from life, and soon the news that Sheryl survived from her well-planned plot reached her. Although the scandal that a nurse tried to murder her patient was held back by the hospital, as a doctor, Felix had his own source to get what had happened at first place. Anxiety and panic attacked him, as his career and life were at stake. However, anger possessed him as he thought that everything was messed up.

"Damn it! We're doomed! What should we do now?

What if everything was revealed? If they know, we'll have to end up in prison! And my career is over! I might go crazy!"

Felix shouted anxiously over the phone. He was sweating already, so he harshly wiped his forehead. He couldn't help but grab his hair because of too much frustration.

It was too late for him to be regretful. After all, it was he himself that agreed to give Leila a hand. He was blinded by money and now he was at the edge of the cliff.

If the police came to Lillian, she would give him away. That was no doubt, and she was not a woman that could keep her mouth shut. Then, he would have to end up behind bars the rest of his life.

Hilariously, he was reluctant to accept the fact, but he should blame nobody but himself. He had been a young doctor with a promising future ahead, and he destroyed it with his own hand, because of his hungry obsession of reaping without sowing. If he could only wait for some more time to earn money, he would not end up like this, anxiously waiting for doom.

On the other side of the phone, Leila was also feeling puzzled. She had been waiting for the good news and believed that she would make it this time. She was unable to understand where had gone wrong. She had tried her utmost to make a perfect plan and it should have worked. It must be God that kept bringing extra trouble to her. This was supposed to be a perfect crime.

'Why did it fail again? Why didn't you help me, God?' she cried loudly in her mind. Now, she was blaming the Almighty for the bad results of

career and fame to care about those.

And he also couldn't imagine that he would take a person's life with his own hands, which were supposed to cure the sickness and save the patient. How could he, as a doctor, do that heartless thing?

He couldn't do that and he wouldn't allow himself to do such a thing. It was beyond his conscience, and he might not get to sleep a wink if he did that. There would be no turning back if he killed Lillian with his own hands. He would fall into the darkness forever. He might go insane!

He must stop now when it was not too late. He could clearly tell it was a path to the hell ahead, a hell flaming where mortal sinners were punished.

He dared not to go, not even a chance! He had done enough.

All he wanted was to spend the rest of his life in peace. It almost killed him to have lived in the fear of being arrested by the police the passing days. He couldn't sleep well at night and always had dreams that a pair of handcuffs glowing with silver was put on his hands. He then woke up in midnight with cold sweat all over and gasped because of fear. Then, how could he do worse than that? His conscience would kill him if that happened.

He murmured in a trembling voice, "No, I can't. I really can't do that! I have done enough, Leila! Leave me alone!"

His voice faded away, his face was as pale as the white wall, and he was almost driven crazy.

"Yes, you can and you must! You definitely don't want to end up in prison, right?" Leila said determinedly and cut his road of retreat. She thought Felix was foolish to be driven by his conscience, which she forgot what it was a long time ago. This was the only way to save them, no other choice to have. It was their last resort now, or else, they would let justice judge them both.

"No! No…" Felix shouted miserably and shook his head repeatedly in despair. He went totally blank, feeling that he was floating in the air. He couldn't believe that all of this was happening to him. He wished that all of this was all a nightmare.

Firmly closing his eyes, Felix didn't know what to do anymore. There was complete silence over the phone. None of them spoke again and only Felix's heavy gasping was heard, puffing as if he was running a long way.

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