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   Chapter 1429 Is She Your Friend

The Substitute Bride By Coolgirl Characters: 7907

Updated: 2019-08-24 00:30

For some reason, Holley felt Wood was laughable and stupid as she watched how hard he tried to act. However, she was quite patient that she carried on with her own act as well.

Thus, Wood felt that Holley must've had a thing for him. He approached her again and tried to grab her waist.

"Why the rush? You haven't even asked me my name, who I am, and where I'm from—and you just want me to be your girlfriend?" Holley said slowly. Upon hearing those words, Wood looked at her and realized she had a point.

"Alright, then. May I have your name, please?" he asked.

"My family name is Ye. Oh, I think that you asked about who my boyfriend is, right? His name is Black Hu," Holley responded. Wood was quite happy when Holley told him her name, but when he heard her boyfriend's

portant than anything. At that moment, Wood wanted to do nothing but thank all the gods he'd ever prayed to.

On the other hand, Black helped Holley to get Leila in the car. "Is this woman really a friend of yours?" Black looked at Leila and asked with a frown.

Leila was such in a drunken stupor that she had been mouthing gibberish the whole time. And after all that happened, her hair and clothes were a mess. She looked like a lunatic to him.

Holley glanced at Leila and looked at her appearance in disgust. However, she turned to Black and kindly said, "She is indeed my friend, she just wasn't in a good mood. She drank a little bit too much today. I went to pick her up, but I didn't expect that..." Holley paused mid-sentence and lowered her head, like she was distressed.

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