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   Chapter 1428 Acting

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After the bartender saw how crazy the woman was, he had no idea how to deal with her. All he could do was ask again, "Miss, where do you live? You must have someplace to go."

'She's well-dressed. Her clothes look classy. There's no way she's poor. She's got to be from a rich family. Must be nice to lead such a life, ' the bartender thought to himself.

"Where… Where do I live? I have no place to go… No place…" the woman said, laughing to herself as if almost driven to insanity. "Leila, you have no place to go. What a poor girl!"

'Leila?' the bartender thought to himself. 'Perhaps… Is that her name?' he wondered.

'But I still don't know where she lives. What on earth am I going to do with her?' he asked himself in his mind.

"Miss, how about I offer you another free drink. Then I can bring you home, alright?" he offered. At that moment, a wide and strong man arrived to sit beside her.

"You…you stay away from me!" Leila shouted. Although she was already completely drunk, she could still tell a friend's hand from a stranger's—she knew well enough to resist the man.

Upon seeing the arrival, the bartender couldn't help but sigh in defeat, looking like he felt so unlucky to be caught in the situation.

"Mr. Liu, it's been a long time since you came here. What do you want? It's my treat," he said to the fat man hurriedly as if he was too afraid to forget being respectful.

'Wood Liu is a tough one. I shouldn't do anything that could make him unhappy or I'm dead. He's a police officer—he has too much power. I wouldn't dare mess with someone like this, ' the bartender told himself.

Looking at the bartender in disdain, Wood Liu only sneered, playfully asking, "Have I ever paid you for any drinks?"

"No, never. It's my pleasure to pay for you. It's only natural for you to drink whatever you want here. You always honor us by coming to our bar," the bartender responded quickly.

"That's right." With that, Wood Liu put his hand on Leila's arm—she was wearing a sleeveless dress and her arms were exposed.

"Your skin is white and smooth like silk. When I touch it, I feel like I'm touching high-class material. It's nice," he smiled in spite of the fact that he was obviously mak


"You said that you would take good care of me. What should my boyfriend do, in that case?" she asked deliberately.

Hearing the words, he laughed, "Your boyfriend? Who is he?"

"About who my boyfriend is, I'd better not tell you. In case you get scared," said Holley, trying to make him angry.

Instead of getting angry, Wood Liu thought he should be even more of a gentleman in front of such a beauty.

"No kidding. But I'm never scared of anyone. Hey, come home with me. Forget about your lousy boyfriend. I'll give you a night you can't forget," he teased.

After Holley's long finger pointed to her phone a few times, she kept it in her handbag once again. Smiling at Wood Liu, she looked at Leila, still in his arms. "Look at you! You've already gotten yourself a girlfriend. Why do you ask me to go home with you? You're not afraid that she'll get jealous?"

"You're talking about this woman? She's not my girlfriend. I saw her too drunk to head home alone. I was only being nice and taking her home where she could rest. Don't put me in the wrong, my dear," he explained himself. Hearing what Holley said, he thought he might have a chance with her.

"Oh, really? I saw how you held her so tight so I knew you were close. I just assumed she's your girlfriend," Holley said.

"If I don't hold her properly, she'll fall to the floor. I'm just being a nice person. Beauty, don't be jealous of her." Wood Liu tried to convince her, coming up with excuses.

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