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   Chapter 1427 Getting Drunk

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"You don't have to worry about anything. I'm here for you. I can do everything for you." Charles grabbed Sheryl's hand. He noticed the fear in her eyes so he tried his best to comfort her.

"I know. I know, Charles. I'm so lucky that you're here with me," Sheryl said lovingly. She looked at Charles and felt her heart warming up.

"Baby, I'm so sorry that you have to go through all of this. I know that I wronged you. But it's all over now. Leila's gone and we'll never see her again. No one will ever speak ill of you in front of my mother again. From now on, we'll live happily as a family. Isn't that great?" Charles said.

Sheryl smiled in response, but in her mind, she thought, 'I'd love to live happily ever after with my family, but I'm just not sure that day will ever come.'

"Charles, does Leila really have to go?" Sheryl asked him softly.

"Of course she has to go. We'll never feel safe as long as she's here. Besides, it's not like she's family or anything," Charles said, his voice turning cold suddenly.

Sheryl knew the things that Leila did to her—planning her kidnapping and ruining her relationship with Charles' mother. 'I think Charles knows all the things that Leila did to me and my children, and that's probably why he wants Leila to leave, ' Sheryl thought to herself.

"But... How does Mom feel about that?" Sheryl knew it wasn't easy as it looked like. That was why she sounded anxious as she brought up the topic of Melissa to Charles.

"Of course she just wanted Leila out," Charles answered though untruthfully. He couldn't tell Sheryl the truth. He wouldn't tell her about how Melissa told him to let Leila stay and forgive her.

All he wanted was to live a happy and harmonious life with Sheryl and Melissa like a family. He only hoped that Sheryl and Melissa would get along.

Sheryl found Charles avoiding eye contact with her. She figured that Charles was hiding something from her which made her understand that Melissa didn't want Leila to go. But she didn't point this out. If Charles told her that Melissa was happy about the whole situation, then Sheryl would believe if only to make things easier for Charles.

'It doesn't matter what she feels now because we have time. With time, we'll know if everything really is for the best, ' Sheryl thought to herself.

At Tarsan Corporation


ed their bodies to the rhythm of the music and the glimmer of the light.

By the bar counter, a woman in heavy makeup stood there holding a glass of wine.

Soon, the glass was drained empty.

"Hit me!" the woman said to the bartender. Her face was red from the wine—this flush only made her look more beautiful.

The bartender stared at the woman, complaining to himself in his mind.

'She's been here for like an hour. She's had dozens of glasses of wine and she still wants more? She's obviously drunk! When will she stop? Does she want to drink until she drops dead?' he thought to himself.

The bartender had seen a lot of drunk women at the bar. But he had never seen anyone like this woman before.

He poured her another glass right away.

"Here," he said.

"That's...that's great!" the woman said in a strange tone. She held the glass and put it between her lips. She lowered her nose to smell the wine before smiling with satisfaction and downing the glass in one gulp.

"More!" she yelled again.

The bartender was speechless. While it was his job to pour drinks for his customers, he also preferred it when his customers actually enjoyed themselves. He couldn't believe he was watching this woman drink until she dropped dead. He certainly didn't want anything bad to happen to this woman.

"Miss, you're drunk. Do you live nearby? I can call a taxi to take you home," he offered.

The woman just stared at him for a few moments before bursting into laughter. "Home? What home? I don't have a home! I don't have a home to go back to!"

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