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   Chapter 1426 The Less Trouble The Better

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"What? What's wrong with your hospital? How can you let that happen? I won't just let this go, you know! You owe me both an explanation and a solution!" Charles yelled.

He'd been nursing this fear ever since the accident. The thought of him and Sheryl separating sent a shiver down his spine. He couldn't calm down and he didn't want to waste any time talking with the director of the hospital either. He snapped, "I'm headed for the hospital!"

Then he hung up the phone and drove to the hospital immediately.

At the hospital

Charles rushed to Sheryl's room and pushed open her door. He saw Sheryl lying in bed, pale and terrified. The sight of this made his heart ache. She was so vulnerable and precious. How he wanted to turn her into a tiny Sheryl, whom he could put in his pocket and carry wherever he was, so that he could protect her forever.

Just not too long ago Sheryl's life was endangered and now this. These were not just mere accidents or coincidences. Charles couldn't help but think that someone was purposely targeting Sheryl.

Charles had the feeling that someone was behind these, and he or she wanted Sheryl gone.

He wouldn't let whoever this person was to get away with it anymore. He would find out who this person was no matter what it took. He swore to destroy this person.

"Sher, I'm right here with you. Don't worry, you're safe. Everything will get better," Charles whispered to her as he approached her bed. He hugged her gently in his arms as if she was fragile glass. His warm palm touched her head, caressing her.


Sheryl wept as Charles cradled her in his arms. She didn't want to show Charles her weak side but after such an event, she couldn't help but sob continuously.

She thought about what could have happened had she not escaped, and she couldn't stop thinking about it. She shivered at just the thought of it.

She couldn't imagine what would happen to her two babies had she died. Her heart wrenched at the thought of Shirley and Clark living all alone because she wasn't there to take care of them.

She looked up at Charles peacefully. She felt so lucky to be alive so she could still be wi

ow. Thanks for all your help. You have a shift this afternoon so you can rest for now. Don't worry about me. Charles is going to be with me. Thanks again so much for your help. You saved my life," Sheryl said sincerely.

She looked at Cassie with gratitude.

"Sher, please don't say that. It was a pleasure to have helped you. Thank God you're safe. I'm glad Mr. Lu is here so he can take care of you. But you don't need to worry about what happened anymore, okay? You're a lucky girl, Sher. So just keep on moving forward. You're loved by everyone around you," Cassie said.

"Yes, I'll just try to move on and forget about. Good bye!" "Good bye!"

They bid farewell to each other.

In the car. Sheryl wore Charles' coat over her hospital gown because they'd been hurrying that they didn't have time to change Sheryl out of her gown. They also forgot some of Sheryl's personal hygiene products in her room.

"Charles, why don't we go back and pack my stuff before we leave? We have enough time!" Sheryl complained.

"We don't need to. The whole incident already caused enough ruckus. If they find out you're here, the reporters will come swarming here. You know, we don't want any more trouble so the quicker we get home, the better," Charles said calmly.

His words reminded Sheryl of the crazy paparazzi who had followed her and filmed her against her will. 'That was so terrible,' Sheryl thought with a chill running down her spine.

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