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   Chapter 1424 Come To Nothing

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Small puffs of air escaped Lillian's lips. With cold and determined eyes, she was in full focus as she tightly gripped the syringe in her hand. The needle glittered under the bright light as she pressed it against Sheryl's skin.

But just as she was about to pierce Sheryl's arm, the door burst open with a loud bang. Lillian's body shook with surprise.

Both the nurse and the patient immediately turned to look at the door. Lillian's face was drained of color, evidently guilty while Sheryl was startled and wondered what was happening.

Lillian abruptly stopped what she was doing and stared at the woman who suddenly broke in like a hurricane, only to find out that it was one of her colleagues, Cassie.

"Stop whatever you're doing! Stay right where you are!" Cassie shouted, and then sighed in relief for getting there in time.

She rushed to Lillian, took the syringe away, and then went in front of Sheryl's bed to protect her. Her eyes shot a fierce glare at Lillian and waited for a response.

It was all so fast and unexpected that Lillian felt an overwhelming pressure wash over her. She tried her best to contain her panic, as she knew that Cassie also worked in the hospital. Cassie was known for her calm demeanor to everyone around her, whether they were colleagues or patients.

However, the girl stared at Lillian with such blazing eyes, aside from her irrational shouting a moment ago. What made this nice young lady like that? The more Lillian thought about it, the more desperate she got. Her heart increasingly hammered in her ribcage like a drum, as if it was about to explode any second now.

Beads of cold sweat started to form on her skin. However, she forced herself to find an excuse so Cassie could leave her and Sheryl alone.

Then again, she wasn't really a person who did things like this. Her mind was blank and she couldn't even form a complete sentence. "I...I'm just doing my job. Can't you see? I was just about to put a drip on my patient!" she stammered.

"A drip? May I ask if the attending doctor allowed you to do so? I believe Sheryl's well enough, and the doctor has told her to await getting discharged. So, what were you really up to?" Cassie said aggressively.

There was a tense silence as Cassie angrily stared at Lillian without batting

ssed by. Without a second thought, she shouted, "Wait a moment! Here! Do me a favor! Please take this to Doctor Liu's office and tell him to send it to the testing department! I believe there's something dangerous inside!"

She trusted her friend very much. On the other hand, her friend caught the syringe Cassie had thrown at her and turned around without a word. She knew that something urgent must've happened. Otherwise, Cassie would never be so upset.

What Cassie had done left Lillian hopeless. She stopped struggling and stood still. Cassie and Sheryl also stopped. They simply looked at her and wondered what she would do next.

When Lillian heard the footsteps recede and then disappear, she knew that she was doomed. Only one thing flashed in her mind: run!

She suddenly pushed Sheryl aside and ran to the exit as fast as she could. Both Sheryl and Cassie didn't expect that, and they hesitated for a moment before they ran after her.

But it was too late. Lillian was nowhere to be found.

They both looked at each other, and hugged each other tight. They felt lucky that they survived such a disaster. Later on, they walked to the doctor's office hand in hand to see what he had found.

"Doctor, the syringe my colleague has handed to you contains something Lillian added by herself. It might be lethal. Please have it tested!" Cassie asked impatiently. It was really fortunate that Cassie had gotten there in time. She would never forgive herself if something bad happened to Sheryl right under her watch.

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