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   Chapter 1423 No Way Back

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Cassie saw that Lillian was heading out and that they would definitely bump into one another. She didn't plan on avoiding her or anything. She just continued with her business as she normally would and looked down on her phone.

When Lillian stepped out of Doctor Liu's office, she saw Cassie standing outside. She nodded at Cassie and greeted her with a smile.

They were just acquaintances and Lillian didn't think they needed to make small talk so she was surprised when Cassie called her as she passed by.

"Lillian, where are you going?" Cassie asked, smiling.

Lillian turned and looked at Cassie, a bit surprised. She found that Cassie was looking at her strangely. Did she overhear her conversation with Doctor Liu?

The thought of this possibility made Lillian feel restless, but she still managed a smile and answered, "I'm going to conduct patient rounds. How about you? Are you off duty already?"

Cassie nodded, "Yes, I switched shifts with a colleague. I'll take my leave soon."

When Cassie spoke, she didn't seem to be acting any differently to which Lillian assumed that she hadn't heard anything. "All right, have a nice day. I have to go to work now. Bye."

"Lillian," Cassie called just as she was about to leave.

Lillian turned around in confusion and asked, "Yes?"

"We are nurses, and we must be responsible for our patients. Lillian, I heard that you were a very responsible and kind nurse. I've learned a lot from your story," Cassie said meaningfully.

Cassie really didn't want to see her in any trouble. She would get strung along in the crime, and it was she who would get held accountable not the man who set her up to do it. She was being used by that coward.

Lillian's face turned pale after she heard what Cassie said. But she regained her composure soon and smiled, "Cassie, you're right. We should be responsible for our patients. But I'm not as good as you think. I really have to go now."

"All ri

r conscience and her promise to Felix.

'Am I really going to do this?' She couldn't help questioning herself once more.

'If anyone finds out, I'm dead meat!'

Sheryl closed her eyes to prepare herself for the needle. She waited and waited but the prick didn't come. Finally, she opened her eyes only to find Lilian standing in front of her unmoving. Sheryl grinned and said in a playful voice, "Lilian, what are you waiting for? You seem to be distracted. Are you thinking about someone?"

It was only then that Lilian was pulled back to reality. She answered quickly, "Oh, I'm so sorry. I had too many patients today, so I'm a little tired. I'll be more careful. Sorry, Mrs. Lu."

Sheryl looked at her, concerned. "That's all right, Lillian. Take care of yourself."

Lilian felt guilty as Sheryl gazed at her looking concerned. She creased her eyebrows, feeling perplexed.

Sheryl was a kind and lovely girl. She treated everyone with kindness even strangers. And yet Lillian was going to murder her. Once she did what she had to do, Sheryl would be gone. Lilian's conscience was eating her up.

However, everything else had already been set up. The only thing left was to actually do it.

"Thanks, Mrs. Lu. I'll take care of myself. Now, let's finish this infusion," Lillian smiled.

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