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   Chapter 1422 For Sheryl’s Good Or Not

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Cassie felt all of her hairs stand up as she thought about mice; just the thought of them was enough to cause her to panic. Mice were the creatures she was most scared of.

She was now aware of where she was, and if she ignored the mouse and walked away from the locker room, she was only going to panic each time she passed it or thought about the possibility of the mouse running around.

So she decided to deal with the mouse now, getting it over and done with.

She looked around to see if there was an appropriate tool for her to use. She smiled when she found a stick in a corner. She took the stick in her hands without a second thought and walked quietly to another locker room.

Before she could go inside, however, she felt another figure slipping in past her. It startled her so much that she nearly screamed, but since it wasn't her own locker room, she quickly hid herself in the darkness, not wanting to have any misunderstandings.

As the figure got closer, Cassie recognized that it was a colleague from another department. Lillian was her name.

They were only acquaintances. Cassie had never spoken more than greetings to her, so she didn't want to go and say hello. Not only that, but she didn't want to scare Lillian to death, so she continued hiding and waiting.

Lillian, however, didn't leave. Instead, she did something that sent Cassie into more panic than the mouse had; the mouse was just an inkling of a thought at this point. She'd almost forgotten about it.

She saw Lillian stop in front of one of the many lockers, open it, and take out a small box.

Whatever that was inside it must have been precious to her, since she held it with both hands in a awe-like trance.

Cassie's curiosity was aroused. She craned her neck to try and see the box's content, widening her eyes when she did, her curiosity doubling as her eyes locked on it.

It seemed to be the type of medical kit that they used at the hospital, but there were letters on the box that Cassie couldn't see. But as a nurse, she had worked with all the tools in the medical field all her life and could tell that it was some kind of injection kit. What would Lillian be doing with it? Cassie raised an eyebrow in puzzlement.

It was strictly prohibited by the hospital to bring in any medicine from outside. Which medicine to use and how to apply should strictly follow the prescription of relevant doctors. All the medicines should be fetched from the pharmacy and used on the same day. If there was any leftover, it should be either sent bac

tor Liu. "Doctor, Mrs. Lu is going to leave the hospital tomorrow, but she is still weak. Do you think she needs some more nutrition injection?"

The doctor looked up from his own medical documents and thought for a moment or two. "No, there is no such need. Her real problem is her bad physical condition. All she needs is rest and a healthy diet. It takes time. More nutrition will do her no good. Time will heal."

"Yes, it takes time, but I believe nutrition would help her as well. At least, her sleep. The more sleep she gets, the faster she'll get better, right?" Lillian continued.

"No, I'm quite sure that she's getting better. I'm her doctor and her conditions are well in my hands," the doctor said firmly.

Lillian had to give up. If she continued, the doctor would get suspicious, and after all, he was the attending doctor and so the only one who could give out medicine prescriptions. There was no way that she could cut him out and get what she wanted, and she knew this.

This obstacle was frustrating, but she wouldn't give up. She had told the man that she was going to do it, and she was determined more than ever to complete her task. She had worked in the hospital for many years. She could find her own way to do it.

Outside the office, Cassie was puzzled. She knew what Lillian was up to now, but she was confused. She'd never heard Sheryl mention that she and Lillian knew each other, and Lillian sounded like she cared for Sheryl.

But she felt there was something wrong. She thought hard about what Lillian could be thinking. If Lillian was going to hurt Sheryl, she needed to come up with an idea quickly and at the same time, she had to avoid alerting the snake.

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