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   Chapter 1421 Cold Natured Constitution

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"You are welcome, Mrs. Lu. I was just acting on my duty. By the way, after you are discharged from the hospital, please keep in mind that you still needs to rest, and try not to strain yourself unnecessarily. You haven't fully recovered yet, so staying in bed would be a preferable choice. Above all, you must avoid mood swings. Otherwise your condition will get worse," the doctor advised.

Sheryl nodded before she replied, "Thanks, Doctor Liu. I'll keep that in mind and follow your advice."

"All right. All the best to you and your family. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll meet the next patient," said Doctor Liu.

"Right, of course. Thank you for everything!"

Doctor Liu bid them farewell and walked out of the room, followed by a group of nurses and doctors. However, one of the nurses stayed back. She smiled at Sheryl, "Mrs. Lu, I work in Doctor Liu's group. You can call me Lillian."

"Hi, Lillian. Do you have something you would like to say to me?" Sheryl asked. She didn't mean to sound rude. It was just that she had never seen this nurse before, even though she had been in the hospital for several days now.

"Mrs. Lu, do you have any confusion with what Doctor Liu has just told you?" Lillian asked abruptly.

Sheryl felt even confused by her question, because Doctor Liu had told her what to do just now. Why was she asking again? What was she trying to tell her?

However, out of politeness, Sheryl simply nodded and replied, "Yes, I'm very clear with that."

"By the way, there is one more thing that you need to know. You have a stomach trouble. Try to avoid eating anything cold as much as you can," Lillian smiled. "I know this from your medical records. I noticed that Doctor Liu forgot to tell you about that part, so I thought that I should inform you."

Sheryl felt deeply touched by Lillian's professionalism. Although she didn't know Sheryl, she did her best to help her patient recover better. Needless to say, Lillian made a good impression on her.

"Lillian, thanks for your advice. I really appreciate that," Sheryl smiled. As a matter of fact, Sheryl was well aware of her stomach trouble, but sometimes she would end up forgetting about it.

"One last thing, Mrs.

he had problem on her own that required her undying attention. She said perplexedly, "Felix, I'm still worried about the thing you said to me. Should we think it over now? Maybe we can find a better solution."

"You don't want to help me, do you?" Felix's expression turned utterly sullen. "If you are unwilling to do it, someone else will. But I'm so disappointed at you," he shouted.

"No, Felix!" Lillian grabbed his arm and pleaded, "Please don't leave me. I...I'll help you do it."

Felix turned around immediately, and a smile appeared in his face. "Good girl! I knew you wouldn't put me in danger. I love you so much, Lillian," he said.

Felix reached out to pull Lillian into his arms. Their heads leaned against each other in an intimate gesture.

However, Lillian felt uncomfortable at the thought of what she was about to do.

'Dear God, Please forgive me! I don't want to hurt anyone, but I have no choice. Please forgive me!' she prayed.

Meanwhile, in the changing room, Cassie was preparing to leave. She had switched her shift with her colleague so that she could leave earlier than usual. She wanted to buy some fresh food in the market so she could cook up a nice meal for Nick.

Suddenly, just as she was about to close her cabinet, she heard a muffled voice coming from the changing room next to hers.

Cassie felt alerted as she remembered that nobody was supposed to be there at that time. Could it be a mouse running around in the room?

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