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   Chapter 1419 Nothing Else Matters

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Shirley nodded her head, convinced. As what her brother said, they should just stick to what they know.

Sheryl had been watching her son and daughter from the beginning. She shook her head and couldn't help but crack a smile at the seriousness on their faces. People always said that twins had mutual affinity, but she didn't see anything like that on her twins. Clark was more determined and capable of handling everything around him while Shirley was more dependent. But with Clark around, she would never have to worry about her little girl.

"Look at them! Do you want to take a little nap?" Charles suggested. He sounded concerned. He put his arm around her shoulders and rubbed her gently.

Sheryl shook her head and replied, "No, I'm fine. I want to spend more time with them. That's all I want."

"Life is so generous to us, isn't it? We got nothing to complain about as long as they grow up happy and healthy!" Charles sighed.

Sheryl's eyes were welling up. She leaned back and rested her head on his chest.

All four enjoyed their bonding that they didn't notice the time pass by. Charles then realized that he had to take the twins back to sleep, and Sheryl also needed to rest.

He turned to look at Sheryl, who immediately understood him. With a knowing smile, Sheryl said, "The doctor said I could go home tomorrow. You must be tired after what you've been through the past few days. I have a surprise for you when I get home!"

"A surprise?" Charles asked, lifting his eyebrows with a naughty smile. "Hmm. I can't wait. Let me guess, an intense night together?"

Sheryl widened her eyes in embarrassment. Despite being married for years with two kids, Sheryl would still blush every time Charles teased her about their sex life like that.

'Come on! The kids are still here! Can you not talk like that?' Sheryl complained in her mind.

She shook her head. "Nope, wrong. I think you're misunderstanding me, hmm."

"Misunderstanding? I don't think so," Charles lowered his head and whispered into her ear. He was all fired up now and he wanted to play and flirt with Sheryl first. He wrapped his arm around her waist, pulled her closer to him and continued, "How can you say I misunderstood you? Aren't we thinking of the same thing?"

Sheryl felt his hot breath on her face and on her neck. Her face was burning. She tr

th Shirley's red hands. It hurt to even just look at it.

Sheryl burst into laughter.

She seldom saw Charles fall into a trap and today, she had witnessed it twice. It was well worth it all. She relished watching him struggle for words.

When Shirley saw the stain on her father's pants and her hands, she knew that she was screwed. She heaved a sigh and lowered her head, scared of what her father was going to say.

At that moment, Clark had just hurried to a stop next to his sister ready to receive whatever punishment.

"Let's call it a day. Mommy needs to rest and we should all go home now," Charles said simply, rubbing their heads fondly.

"Daddy, aren't you angry with me? I ruined your pants!" Shirley asked.

Charles shook his head. "Well, I think my pants look better now. See, they're so fancy! I think they suit me perfectly!"

Shirley stared back at him, stunned. After a while, she burst into laughter.

"Ha-ha! Made and designed by Shirley Lu! The only pair in the world! Thank you for supporting me, Daddy!" she exclaimed. "Clark, what do you think of my work?"

Clark just shook his head. He examined the palm prints and then looked at his father and his mother who were both smiling.

He wondered what was up with his father tonight that he was acting this way. His father was a neat freak! He would've gone crazy over something like this. And here he was acting all happy as if he was fine with everything. Clark heaved a sigh. He could think of no other reason for his father's strange behavior other than his loving mother.

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