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   Chapter 1418 Visit

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Charles forgot about the unhappy events that took place last night after seeing the smile on the faces of his children. He took turns in lifting Clark and Shirley into the air, cherishing their beautiful, laughing faces.

"Dad, can Shirley and I visit Mom at the hospital today? I haven't seen her in a while and I'm sure she would love to see us." Clark tugged at his father's sleeve, pleading with all his heart.

"Daddy, please! Please bring us to visit Mom. I know she must miss us too. I believe she will recover sooner when she see us."

Shirley pulled at her father's other hand, slightly pouting her lips while giving him the puppy-dog eyes.

Charles didn't stand a chance against his children's insistence and he gave in. "Okay, okay. Let's have breakfast first. After that, I will take you to see Mom. But you have to be well-behaved at the hospital, okay? I need you to promise that you won't disturb her, okay?"

Clark and Shirley nodded their heads without any argument.

"Yes, yes, yes. We will be well-behaved. We won't disturb her. We promise." Clark then gestured with his hand to "zip" his lips up, which amused Charles.

"Let's get ready now so we can go to see Mom." Shirley jumped out of her bed as she couldn't wait to see her mother.

Charles tried to dress the children, but half the time he looked out of place as he had little experience. His valiant efforts led to Clark wearing his shirt backwards and Shirley's arm in a wrong sleeve. Frustrated, the children lost their patience and complained, "Dad has no idea what he's doing!"

Before long, they arrived at the hospital.

Charles walked in with the kids, one in each hand. When they arrived at the door to Sheryl's ward, Charles squatted down and looked at them solemnly. "Do you remember what you've promised to me?"

"Yes. We won't disturb her. Don't worry about that," Shirley replied with her hands clasped behind her back, acting like a grown up.

"Dad, wil

k you, Mommy. This is the best surprise ever."

Sheryl felt both contented and frightened at the sight of her happy family and thought of how unpredictable life could be.

Just a few days ago, she was worried whether she would be able to see her daughter again. But right at this moment, she was in the same room with her loved ones—her husband and her children. Regardless of whatever unexpected challenges life would throw at her, she just wished for this moment to last as long as possible. She wanted to spend the rest of her life with them, happily ever after.

Sheryl and Charles talked while the kids played by themselves.

Clark came up with the idea of filling up the basin with water and Shirley put the boats and watched them float.

A few minutes later, Shirley tugged at her brother's arm and said, "What if the boats sink?"

"Don't worry about that, silly girl. The teacher said that the mass of paper is much lighter than the mass of water. So, as long as the boat isn't carrying anything, it won't sink,"

Clark patiently explained it to his sister.

However, Shirley seemed unconvinced and she repeated, "What if they sink?"

"What do you mean? I have told you that they won't sink. Why won't you believe me?" Clark said to his sister pretending to be older than his actual age.

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